Dan, Stephanie Braman, and Dustin Mueller travel the world in pursuit of one common goal: to experience the best hunting and outdoor adventures.


Wildlifers “Kansas Redemtion”

Kansas Redemtion Wildlifers The Wildlifers Kansas lease has been an extremely productive property but has also led to many long sits waiting for that one buck to show up. No one knows more about [...]

Wildlifers “Guiding under presure”

Guiding under presure Wildlifers The pressure is high for guides Dustin Mueller and Hagen Watkins this week at the Mellon Creek Outfitters. One taking his son, and the other taking his wife, they give [...]

Wildlifers “South Texas Nilgai”

South Texas Nilgai Wildlifers Nilgai have become 100% native to South Texas providing free range spot and stalk opportunities. This antelope species can weigh in excess of 600lbs but still move through the brush [...]

Wildlifers “Guardians the hunt”

Guardians the hunt Wildlifers The hunt that captured it all; where Gregg Stube and Stephanie finally put their passionate plan of making a film about guardianship, and what it really means, into action. The [...]

Wildlifers “The Mulers Kansas Whitetail experince”

The Mulers Kansas Whitetail experince Wildlifers Hunting with your spouse... a hunter can have many different thoughts about this and how it could go. Despite different hunting styles, Dustin and Lacey are excited to [...]

Wildlifers “Kansas Redemption”

Kansas Redemption Wildlifers The Wildlifers Kansas lease has been an extremely productive property but has also led to many long sits waiting for that one buck to show up. No one knows more about [...]

Wildlifers “Whitetail Bucks for the Honororable”

Whitetail Bucks for the Honororable Wildlifers The favorite hunt of the year has come for the Mellon Creek Outfitters, where they have the pleasure of donating and hosting a hunt for three veterans. Getting [...]

Wildlifers “Mellon Creek Monster Bucks”

Mellon Creek Monster Bucks Wildlifers The Mellon Creek Ranch is home base for the Wildlifer Crew, which in-turn leads to a very active management program. Over the years they have been able to grow [...]

Wildlifers “Elk, up close and personal”

Elk, up close and personal Wildlifers When the Wildlifers go elk hunting, they really get after it, and boy has that left them with some incredible memories. Chasing these majestic bulls during the rut [...]

Wildlifers “Antelope for Service Women”

Antelope for Service Women Wildlifers You can never give enough thanks to individuals in service, guardians of this nation and our way of life. Donating an antelope hunt to the women who give it [...]

Wildlifers “Hounds, Bears, and Girlfriends”

Hounds, Bears, and Girlfriends Wildlifers Lacey and Stephanie head to New Mexico with bear tags in hand for a little girls time at camp. Stephanie gets a personal encounter when a bear comes rushing [...]

Wildlifers “Lionfish Invasion”

Lionfish Invasion Wildlifers The lionfish invasion happening in the gulf and Caribbean waters is something not too many people are aware of. When Stephanie and Dustin heard the only way to clean the reefs [...]

Wildlifers “A Wing Shooters Dream”

A Wing Shooters Dream Wildlifers Argentina boasts some of, if not the best wing shooting in the world. This is exactly why Dan has invited a group down to hunt ducks and pigeons. You [...]

Wildlifers “Summer time Prairie Dogs”

Summer time Prairie Dogs Wildlifers It’s the middle of summer and any good hunting activities are hard to come by. So the Wildlifer crew heads to the High Bar Homestead in Wyoming to keep [...]

WildLifers “Texas Whitetail”

Texas Whitetial Wildlifers Mellon Creek Outfitters in South Texas hosts an annual Purple Heart recipient management whitetail hunt as one way to show their appreciation to those that have already given so much. This [...]

WildLifers “Namibia Zebra”

Namibia Zebra Wildlifers Dan Braman takes his son Daniel and good friend Dustin Muller to the Republic of Namibia in South Africa to experience the plentiful herds of Zebra. Giving them each an attempt [...]

WildLifers “Parranda Blue Marlin Pastimes”

Parranda Blue Marlin Pastimes Wildlifers Dan and Stephanie Braman travel to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica each year in search of Marlin. For Dan and Stephanie, there is nothing quite like Blue Marlin [...]

WildLifers “Girlfriends and Pronghorn Antelope”

Girlfriends and Pronghorn Antelope Wildlifers Stephanie Braman heads to New Mexico with four of her best friends to hunt Pronghorn Antelope at Tri-State Outfitters. The laughs are loud, the hunting is intense, and good [...]

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