Dan, Stephanie Braman, and Dustin Mueller travel the world in pursuit of one common goal: to experience the best hunting and outdoor adventures.


WildLifers “Texas Whitetail”

Texas Whitetial Wildlifers Mellon Creek Outfitters in South Texas hosts an annual Purple Heart recipient management whitetail hunt as one way to show their appreciation to those that have already given so much. This [...]

WildLifers “Namibia Zebra”

Namibia Zebra Wildlifers Dan Braman takes his son Daniel and good friend Dustin Muller to the Republic of Namibia in South Africa to experience the plentiful herds of Zebra. Giving them each an attempt [...]

WildLifers “Parranda Blue Marlin Pastimes”

Parranda Blue Marlin Pastimes Wildlifers Dan and Stephanie Braman travel to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica each year in search of Marlin. For Dan and Stephanie, there is nothing quite like Blue Marlin [...]

WildLifers “Girlfriends and Pronghorn Antelope”

Girlfriends and Pronghorn Antelope Wildlifers Stephanie Braman heads to New Mexico with four of her best friends to hunt Pronghorn Antelope at Tri-State Outfitters. The laughs are loud, the hunting is intense, and good [...]

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