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Whitetail Reign: We Hunt like You, Dream like You and will showcase that in every Hunt! We will show just what it takes to break into the Outdoor Industry.


Whitetail Reign “The Moment”

The Moment Whitetail Reign A three-year journey comes to an end as Bill Reynolds closes the deal on a Kentucky velvet whitetail at Whitetail Heaven

Whitetail Reign “Season 3 Finale”

Season 3 Finale Whitetail Reign A look back at some of the best Whitetail hunts that showed the diversity and range of Whitetail we have been fortunate to harvest.

Whitetail Reign “Part One of the Turkey-thon”

Part One of the Turkey-thon Whitetail Reign The crew is always hammering Gobblers season after season so We are piling a whole bunch of Turkey harvest into a 2 part episode We shall affectionately [...]

Whitetail Reign “Family First”

Family First Whitetail Reign Our yearly Family-based episode finds us back in the woods chasing down memories only made with the ones we love. Michelle Reynolds chases down that elusive first bow buck while [...]

Whitetail Reign “Season 3 Opener”

Season 3 Opener Whitetail Reign We kick off Season 3 at Whitetail Heaven Outfitters as Bill Reynolds hits the woods and fields of the Bluegrass state in pursuit of early Season velvet bucks. [...]

Whitetail Reign “Hard Luck Bucks”

Hard Luck Bucks Whitetail Reign This week Mikey and Lee harvest two Mature Georgia whitetail who have had unfortunate injuries during the course of 2016.

Whitetail Reign “Ohio Bound”

Ohio Bound Whitetail Reign Ryan Sexton & Matt Ward brave 7-degree temperature in an attempt to harvest a 150+ inch Ohio giant name "G2".

Whitetail Reign “Family First”

Family First Whitetail Reign From Michelle Reynolds First Archery harvest to Matt Reynolds Freezer Filler, this week is all about Family, Fun, and hunting the Mountain State.

Whitetail Reign “Makin’ some Bacon”

Makin' some Bacon Whitetail Reign This week we bring you the continuation of the Florida trip as Bill, Mack, and Brandon look to survive the Florida swamps and bring home the Bacon! [...]