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Two brothers from the coal fields of WV take you on a journey, as they turn their dream of hosting a hunting show into reality.


Whitetail Frenzy “Backyard Bucks”

Backyard Bucks Whitetail Frenzy Kenny sits in a stand overlooking Grandma's bird feeder within the city limits of Charleston, WV. Then the Chili Man Dee Cowger heads west to try his luck bow hunting [...]

Whitetail Frenzy “Deer Camp”

Deer Camp Whitetail Frenzy The focus this week is not about age or antler size, but instead of having fun while honoring a tradition and heritage of hunting our family deer camps. [...]

Whitetail Frenzy “The Saskatchewan Giant”

The Saskatchewan Giant Whitetail Frenzy Co-Host Kenny Davis is bowhunting Saskatchewan and is after a giant buck that would be not only is biggest buck to date, but the largest buck ever harvest on [...]

Whitetail Frenzy “Sweet Redemption”

Sweet Redemption Whitetail Frenzy Kenny has spent years chasing a giant mountain whitetail in West Virginia. After blowing a shot opportunity, Kenny is hoping to get another chance one year later. [...]

Whitetail Frenzy “Give Back and Head West”

Give Back and Head West Whitetail Frenzy Whitetail Frenzy donates $9,000.00 to help introduce kids into the outdoors, and host Kenny Davis takes one lucky kid on a velvet hunt with Starkey Hollow Whitetails. [...]

Whitetail Frenzy “Summer Heat”

Summer Heat Whitetail Frenzy Hosts Kenny Davis is searching for a shooter buck while bow hunting South Carolina during hot temps in late August.

Whitetail Frenzy “Fawnie Mountain Part 2”

Fawnie Mountain Part 2 Whitetail Frenzy Things get wild in part two as hosts Aharon and Kenny Davis are off grid in the British Columbia wilderness doing some spot and stalk bear hunting. [...]

Whitetail Frenzy “Headed West”

Headed West Whitetail Frenzy Frenzy Staff Member/U.S. Military Pilot Allen Tackett is headed to Kansas to pursue Whitetails. Then Co-Host Kenny Davis and Frenzy Staff Member/U.S. Military Member Matt Lonsinger are headed to the [...]

Whitetail Frenzy “Hatfields and McCoys”

"Hatfields and McCoys" Whitetail Frenzy The Frenzy Team is in for an adventure filled weekend of Whitetail Scouting, Turkey Hunting, and riding UTVs in the beautiful West Virginia Mountains on the famous Hatfield and [...]

Whitetail Frenzy “Bucks and Dreams”

"Bucks and Dreams" Whitetail Frenzy Whitetail Frenzy Staff Member Elijah Bennett is chasing bucks in the Mountain State. Then Co-Host Kenny Davis takes Beyond the Backyard's Whitetail Hunt giveaway winner Josh Martin on a [...]

Whitetail Frenzy “Mountain Monarch”

Mountain Monarch Whitetail Frenzy Co-Host Kenny Davis has been chasing a specific WV Mountain Buck called Double Beam. This has been a four year journey with more lows than highs. Double Beam is now [...]

Whitetail Frenzy “Red, White, and Blue”

"Red, White, and Blue" Whitetail Frenzy Co-Host Kenny Davis hunts with active military member Brent Bettencourt, Apache Pilot Tomas Smith & his father James Smith (combat veteran and U.S. House of Representatives) while raising [...]

Whitetail Frenzy “”Mountain Bucks””

"Mountain Bucks" Whitetail Frenzy Co-Host Co-Host Kenny Davis is bow hunting the elusive Mountain Bucks of West Virginia.Kenny Davis is bow hunting the elusive Mountain Bucks of West Virginia.

Whitetail Frenzy “The Urban Surprise”

The Urban Surprise Whitetail Frenzy Co-Host Kenny Davis is in for an unexpected surprise as he bow hunts urban Whitetails in the hills of West Virginia. Then the "Chili Man" Dee Cowger heads west [...]

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