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Chad and Dana Wall are passionate about family, faith, and the outdoors, leading to Wallhanger TV being born out of this desire to be among God’s creation with family and friends. Standing behind their beliefs is what makes Wallhanger TV different than other shows in the market.


Wallhanger TV “Calm After The Storm”

Wallhanger TV "Calm After The Storm" -- Christen Wall is after her potential biggest buck ever on their farm in Kansas. With her dad behind the camera and a little luck she just might get a chance at the buck they call Tumor.

Wallhanger TV “First Day Excitement”

Wallhanger TV "First Day Excitement" -- Ranger and Christen Wall are both headed out to hunt their Kansas farm for the first time of the year. They have a ton of great bucks but Ranger has his sights set on his first velvet buck. The clock is ticking before this buck is going to shed his velvet.

Wallhanger TV “Rutting Kentucky Rifle”

Wallhanger TV "Rutting Kentucky Rifle" -- The Wall family will be hunting their new farm in Kentucky for opening of rifle season. They will be taking turns hunting and splitting up when needed. Hopefully one of them can get a shot at a nice buck.

Wallhanger TV “Do not Blink”

Wallhanger TV "Do not Blink" -- The Wall family is back in Kansas and Dana is up to bat with the bow. There is a lot of good bucks around and the big ones should be looking to refuel on food sources. With the right stand choice this could be a slam dunk of a week for Dana.

Wallhanger TV “Fields of Dreams”

Wallhanger TV "Fields of Dreams" -- The Wall family is headed to one of their favorite places in the world Kansas. There is more than enough big bucks to go around. Hopefully Cadyn and Dana can capitalize on a big Kansas buck.

Wallhanger TV “Work Before Play”

Wallhanger TV "Work Before Play" -- The Wall family is headed to their new farm in Kentucky to get some preseason preparations done. Cadyn will be the first up to bat on the new farm.

Wallhanger TV “Last But Not Least”

Wallhanger TV "Last But Not Least" -- Chad, Dana and Cadyn Wall havent thrown in the towel yet! Theres a little bit of the season left to fill a couple more tags. Hopefully one of the Walls can finish out the season strong.

Wallhanger TV “Perfect Patience”

Wallhanger TV "Perfect Patience" -- This week its all Missy Wall to try to fill her Kansas buck tag. Time is running out but she isnt giving up quite yet.

Wallhanger TV “Ranger Danger”

Wallhanger TV "Ranger Danger" -- This week Missy and Ranger Wall are finally up to bat on their farm is Kansas. They have both waited patiently while letting everyone else have all the fun. Which one will strike first

Wallhanger TV “Rollercoaster”

Wallhanger TV "Rollercoaster" -- This week Drew is up to bat on the Kansas farm trying to redeem himself after passing the buck they called Trailer Park the year before. Hopefully this year he can catch up to the right buck.

Wallhanger TV “Stickers and Kickers”

Wallhanger TV "Stickers and Kickers" -- This week Ashley Wall and Ranger are back in Kansas looking to fill some tags. Rangers wife Ashley is up to bat first and they have some real nice bucks daylighting on the food plots. Stay tuned to see if the husband and wife combo can pull it off this week in Kansas.

Wallhanger TV “Velvet Dreams”

Wallhanger TV "Velvet Dreams" -- This week it's Christen Walls turn to get in the stand and chase some of the giant Kansas bucks they have on camera. There's plenty of great bucks to go after but there's one who she's got her sights set on. He's one of the deer still holding his velvet and he could shed any day now. It is a race against the clock to get her first velvet buck.

Wallhanger TV “Trailer Park”

Wallhanger TV "Trailer Park" -- Chris Wall has been putting in the work all summer long on their farm in Kansas. Its finally time start going after some of their hit-list bucks starting off with an absolutely remarkable buck they named Trailer Park. This buck will be pushing the 200 mark if they can play their cards right and get within range.

Wallhanger TV “Family Traditions”

Wallhanger TV "Family Traditions" -- Dana Chad and Cadyn Wall are back in Kansas with one giant buck on the ground already. Chad elected to stick to being cameraman while Cadyn and Dana Try their luck at filling a couple more tags.

Wallhanger TV “Hot Streak Kansas”

Wallhanger TV "Hot Streak Kansas" -- The Wall family is headed to one of their favorite states Kansas. Dana has had absolutely incredible success in the past during this specific week out in Kansas each year. Can she keep the hot streak alive?

Wallhanger TV “Right Place Right Time”

Wallhanger TV "Right Place Right Time" -- The Wall family are still trying to fill the last of their tags in Kentucky. The rut is kicking off the bucks are on their feet and theyre ready to knock down some hit listers. Sometimes patience preserves.

Wallhanger TV “Kentucky Fried Whitetails”

Wallhanger TV "Kentucky Fried Whitetails" -- Chad Dana and daughter Cadyn Wall have been working hard all summer to make the first hunt on their new Kentucky farm the best it can be. Scouting hanging stands planting plots checking cameras now its time to hit the woods and see which one of the Wall clan will strike first!

Wallhanger TV “Cadyn”

Wallhanger TV "Cadyn" -- Cadyn Wall gets an ALL ACCESS PASS to hunt big bucks on Uncle Chris Farm in Kansas with her Crossbow!

Wallhanger TV “Just Hunters”

Just Hunters Wallhanger TV Ranger Wall hits the woods as a Solocam Hunter looking to fill his Kansas tag. Then later the Angelos are back in camp during Rutvember.

Wallhanger TV “Turkey Time”

Turkey Time Wallhanger TV Follow Cadyn Wall to Indian Hill Outfitters in Pike County, Missouri on her quest for her first Long Beard.

Wallhanger TV “Hulk”

Hulk Wallhanger TV This week were back in Kansas at Uncle Chris farm, and Aunt Missy is on the hot seat with hopes of a KS Giant stepping into bow range. [...]

Wallhanger TV “Drop Tine Outfitters”

Drop Tine Outfitters Wallhanger TV Chad is headed to hunt with Jerry at Drop Tine Outfitters in Southern Iowa, the Walls have hunted here several times in past years but this trip is different [...]

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