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“Turkey Call” is the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) television program designed to energize hunters and non-hunters alike for the pursuit of the wild turkey. Join host Michael Waddell and his weekly guests for front row seats as the crew travels North America on turkey hunting adventures. Guest hunters share their experiences and industry experts provide tips on turkey calling and other tactics. “Turkey Call” television brings the best in turkey hunting straight to the comfort of your living room. With a click of the remote, “Turkey Call” will take you on some the best hunts you’ll ever see, featuring California, Florida, Mexico and many other great locations. Follow “Turkey Call’s” crews as they feature turkey-hunting adventures from all over North America while providing helpful tips on turkey calling, custom call collecting and wild-game cooking.


Turkey Call “The Olympian Shooter”

The Olympian Shooter Turkey Call Two time Olympic Gold Medalist Vincent Hancock and wife Rebekah hunt the world famous Cabin Bluff properties. Vincent also provides tips to make you a better wing shot. [...]

Turkey Call “Closure”

Closure Turkey Call Dave Mahlke and his son David hunt Wyoming with Sgt. Kevin Stade, 12 years after an attack in Baghdad almost claimed David's life.

Turkey Call “The Reverend”

The Reverend Turkey Call Legendary call maker Zach Farmer and 17x GNCC Champion Mark Prudhomme use old-school tactics to bad turkeys.

Turkey Call “The Mentor”

The Mentor Turkey Call What does it take to become a mentor? NWTF's Travis Sumner shares his thoughts, while CEO Becky Humphries discusses the importance of partnerships. Plus we go on an incredible turkey [...]

Turkey Call “The Rohm Family”

The Rohm Family Turkey Call Legendary call maker Dale Rohm and son Terry hunt with Tad Ladd in Western Kentucky. MArk Hatfield talks America's Big Six.

Turkey Call “Going to Carolina”

Going to Carolina Turkey Call Michael Waddell and the Pitt County NC Chapter on the 1st annual JAKES hunt with winner Roady Carter. John Tate, Miles Minges, Dave Mahlke and Becky Humphries [...]

Turkey Call “Sky High Turkey Hunt in Kansas”

Sky High Turkey Hunt in Kansas Turkey Call This week on "Turkey Call", first we’re in Kansas with Steve Barlow and founder of Sky High for St. Jude, Brittany Hebert, a non-profit organization that [...]

Turkey Call “Hunting Nebraska Merriams”

Hunting Nebraska Merriams Turkey Call This week, "Turkey Call" television welcomes Michael Waddell as the new host of the show. We out in Nebraska hunting with NWTF member Scott Cronin along with Cody Cuck [...]

Turkey Call “Dream Hunts”

Dream Hunts Turkey Call This week on "Turkey Call", first we’re in Illinois at the USAA/NWTF Dream Hunt, a Wheelin’/JAKES hunt, for those who normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to go out and hunt. [...]

Turkey Call “Grand Nationals 2016”

Grand Nationals 2016 Turkey Call This week on "Turkey Call", we're in Nashville at the NWTF's National Convention and Sports Show covering the best of the best in turkey calling at the Grand National [...]

Turkey Call “The Sacrifice”

The Sacrifice Turkey Call This week on "Turkey Call", we're in South Carolina hunting with NWTF's Executive Producer, John Brown, and Greg Darnell, who finally get the privilege of being behind the gun instead [...]

Turkey Call “Nebraska JAKES Hunt”

Nebraska JAKES Hunt Turkey Call This week on “Turkey Call”, we head to Nebraska for a JAKES hunt with Bridger and Mckenzie Hill and their dad, Travis. Then Christine Rolka will tell you about [...]

Turkey Call “Mexico”

Mexico Turkey Call This week on "Turkey Call", we're headed down to Mexico to hunt the Gould's wild turkey with Cally and Annetta Morristo see if Annetta can get her World Slam. [...]

Turkey Call “Nebraska”

Nebraska Turkey Call This week on "Turkey Call" we head to Nebraska to hunt Merriam's and Rio Grand's on the same property. We'll also take a look non-native invasive plant species. [...]

Turkey Call “SRS Turkey Hunt”

SRS Turkey Hunt Turkey Call This week on “Turkey Call”, we’re in Aiken, SC at the Savannah River Site hunting with some lucky NWTF Wheelin’ Sportsman members trying to get even luckier. [...]