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Tro­phy Taker Outdoors focuses on out­door sports­man news and humor­ in the stu­dio and in the field with com­men­tary pre­sented by radio per­son­al­i­ties, Lee Cepero and Peter Petriw and a few guests. The crew is best known for adven­tures bag­ging big game and fish and telling tales of truth & exag­ger­a­tion, in a per­fect syn­ergy of know- how, laugh­ter, sar­casm, and pranks. Pull up a log and take a seat at the TTO camp­fire for the best out­door media enter­tain­ment you’ll ever find. It’s never been funnier. 


Trophy Taker Outdoors “Boca Raton”

Boca Raton Trophy Taker Outdoors Lee makes the last leg of the trip on his way back to Stuart, with his final stop in Boca Raton, with double the fun; a dive and an [...]