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Trigger Time TV is a television show that brings together firearms professionals from across the United States to provide the highest level of firearms training and information to firearms enthusiasts across the country.


Trigger Time TV “Every Day Carry”

Every Day Carry Trigger Time TV Essential Every Day Carry. Tactical Games Event #6, Gear Locker featuring The KDG Optics Hub, Range Estimation. Gear and Accessory Set-up. Shoulder Transitions and the Shoulder Bump. [...]

Trigger Time TV “Kellys Heroes”

Kellys Heroes Trigger Time TV Soft Side Holster. Tactical Games Event #5, Gear Locker ATI MP 40, Loading The Bipod. Shooting On The Move. Use Of Cover.

Trigger Time TV “The Englishman”

The Englishman Trigger Time TV Bathroom Safety for Girls. The Tactical Games event #4, Kahr Family of Arms, Bolt Manipulation. Developing Rituals with a Pistol. Positional Work.

Trigger Time TV “Elevators”

Elevators Trigger Time TV Elevator Safety. The Tactical Games Event #3, Nova Freedom Integrated Pump Air Gun, KDG Optics HUB. Ready Positions. Empty & TAC Re loads.

Trigger Time TV “The Tactical Games”

The Tactical Games Trigger Time TV Malfunctions For Beginners. The Tactical Games Event #2, Silencer Co's Omega Can, Fundamentals Of Long Range Precision. Malfunctions. Safety Manipulations.

Trigger Time TV “Into The Breach”

Into The Breach Trigger Time TV Perfect Fit for Your Handgun. The Tactical Games Event #1. The Gear Locker featuring the Hudson H9. Essentials of Long Range Precision. Left-handed Manipulation Techniques. Make Ready Procedure [...]

Trigger Time TV “There Goes The Neighborhood”

There Goes The Neighborhood Trigger Time TV Shooting Under Stress. Fighting Inside A Car. Yellow Jacket Phone Case & Stun Gun/Mud & Water Glock Torture Test/Essential Gear For Long Range Precision Shooting. Room Clearing. [...]

Trigger Time TV “The Way It Is”

The Way It Is Trigger Time TV Post-shooting procedures. Fighting inside the triangle. Eotech Vudu/Glock Gen 5 family/Promethium TL-1 series rifle. Movement drills.

Trigger Time TV “Stop Making Sense”

Stop Making Sense Trigger Time TV General awareness. Clinch Range Knife Defense. B5 SOP MOD Stock/ Glock Mud-Water Torture Test/ Kneeling with Opportunistic Support. Shooting Around Cover.

Trigger Time TV “Keep Your Head on a Swivel”

Keep Your Head on a Swivel Trigger Time TV Situational awareness in public restroom. The Knife Jab. The Optics Hub/ G19 Gen5 1K Torture Test/ Standing with Opportunistic Support. Gear Layering. [...]

Trigger Time TV “Firearm Rituals”

Firearm Rituals Trigger Time TV A: Parking Lot Safety B: Clinch Range Knife Application C: Mountain Khaki Pants/ Glock 19X/ Squatting D: Developing Rituals.

Trigger Time TV “Ghost Gun”

Ghost Gun Trigger Time TV Ghost Sight Picture. The elbow strike. The sitting position/ Magazine maintenance/ The Colonel. Left Hand Manipulation.

Trigger Time TV “Firearms Mindset”

Firearms Mindset Trigger Time TV Tim & Lewis talk pistol methodology.Craig Douglas discusses trigger finger placement. Natural point of aim/Cleaning your firearm/Eotech.Close quarter shooting with Mike Green.