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Trigger Time TV is a television show that brings together firearms professionals from across the United States to provide the highest level of firearms training and information to firearms enthusiasts across the country.


Trigger Time TV “On The Range”

On The Range Trigger Time TV A Cars and cover B Church security Part 2 Great Alaskan chest holster C Building a rifle for a new shooter D Support hand reloads [...]

Trigger Time TV “”Under Fire””

"Under Fire" Trigger Time TV A: Injured Shooter Reloads. B: Silencer Co Chimera/The Tactical Games Battle 7/Cammo Your Gun. C: Knife Or Gun In Your Back. D: Use Of Cover Kneeling. [...]

Trigger Time TV “”What If?””

"What If?" Trigger Time TV A: Ready vs Orientation Positions B: 22 Switchback/The Tactical Games Battle 3; The Pope/Importance Of Parallax. C: Introduction To What If Games. D: Shooting On The Move. [...]

Trigger Time TV “”Tips, Gear & Training””

"Tips, Gear & Training" Trigger Time TV A: Make Ready Procedures. B: The Laser Activated Shot Reporter/The Tactical Games- Battle2: The English/Precision and the 100 Yard Zero. C: Pre-attack Cues or Threat Indicators. D: [...]

Trigger Time TV “Birthplace of TTHA”

Birthplace of TTHA Trigger Time TV The grandson of legendary taxidermist Joe Hibler hunts bobcats and whitetails in South Texas, then meets up with Texas Trophy Hunters Association Founder Jerry Johnston for a surprising [...]

Trigger Time TV “”New Year New Training””

"New Year New Training" Trigger Time TV A: Defeating the cover garment. B: Gear Locker, Firebird 65; The Tactical Games Battle 1; Long Range Precision, Gear Intro. C: Intro to Situational Awareness. D: Tactical [...]

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