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Join John Wilson and his team TQ as they conduct business as usual. Whether it’s outfitting for one of their lodges, sending clients to world-class destinations or selling products stamped with their retail brand. All based down a dirt road at their southern lodge in Georgia. It’s not just business to TQ …. It’s a lifestyle.


TQ Direct “Gould Times”

Gould Times TQ Direct TQ's Tripp Neal makes his yearly trek down to Mexico for a shot at another Gould's turkey.

TQ Direct “Trophy Taker”

Trophy Taker TQ Direct Guests: John & Casie Frala of Trophy Taker Outfitters / Great American Outdoor Show - Pennsylvania

TQ Direct “The Grizzly Saga”

The Grizzly Saga TQ Direct Destination TQ's John Wilson breaks away from the studio and goes after an Alaskan Grizzly with his .30-30.

TQ Direct “Kuche”

Kuche TQ Direct Guest: Koos de Meyer of Kuche Safaris / Great American Outdoor Show - Pennsylvania.