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Timmy Horton Outdoors presented by Bass Pro Shops is a family-friendly outdoor television show recorded on public waters with the focus on entertaining and educating anglers of all levels. The show is recorded on a variety of public waters around the country in order to provide a broad perspective of fishing action for viewers and to highlight different tactics and methods in various fishing scenarios. Timmy’s seasoned knowledge and laid-back style set the stage for an entertaining 30-minute show that presents a load of fishing tips for the viewer in every episode.


Timmy Horton Outdoors “Milking The Rocks”

Milking The Rocks Timmy Horton Outdoors Timmy heads out to the headwaters of Pickwick Lake in early February with record-breaking warm temperatures and perfect timing to sample the effects of sudden current. [...]

Timmy Horton Outdoors “Bass Pro Tour (Part 1)”

Bass Pro Tour (Part 1) Timmy Horton Outdoors Timmy discusses the importance in fishing your strengths and making adjustments when tracking down past located bass that have moved on while fishing the first event [...]

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