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The dynamic team of brother and sister, Andrew and Michelle Buchanan, have a lifetime worth of experience in African hunting. With a passion for wildlife and a fun loving dynamic, born of a lifetime spent hunting and fishing together on the African Continent. Watch how Michelle, Andy and their award winning post-productions team tell the stories of their friends hunting and fishing across the Dark Continent, revealing the mysteries and secrets of Africa’s wildlife. Yesteryear’s shows will be replaced by knowledge of local people, cultures and animals (big and small), in today’s challenging and quirky Africa.


This is Africa “Big Bully”

This is Africa "Big Bully" -- On the season finale of This is Africa. Andy and his hunters track down the leopard they have been after and they help locals with a nuisance elephant that has become a danger to their fishing village.

This is Africa “Leary Leopards”

This is Africa "Leary Leopards" -- Andy and his hunters are on the prowl for a leopard but when they track down three selecting and not spooking the right one proves difficult.

This is Africa “Swamp Thing”

This is Africa "Swamp Thing" -- Andy and his hunters venture deep into the Zambezi River delta swamps in an unusual amphibious vehicle tracking down a cape buffalo to conclude their Mozambique hunt.

This is Africa “Mystique of Mozambique”

This is Africa "Mystique of Mozambique" -- Andy and his hunters fly in style to the forests and swamps of Mozambiques Zambezi River delta in search of everything from members of the tiny ten through to cape buffalo.

This is Africa “Sick and Wounded”

This is Africa "Sick and Wounded" -- The father and son duo from Italy continue their African hunting adventure tracking down a sick and wounded cape buffalo which has become a danger to local villagers.

This is Africa “One Shot”

This is Africa "One Shot" -- A father and son team from Italy embark on a hunting adventure on the Save Valley Conservancy. However not everything goes to plan as one of them makes a rushed shot on a Cape Buffalo in the thickets.

This is Africa “The Desolate Danakil”

This is Africa "The Desolate Danakil" -- Dust storms extreme heat and rogue camel herds could not get in the way of Chads hunt for Onyx Soemmerrings Gazelle and Lesser Kudu in the hot sands of Northern Ethiopia.

This is Africa “Jewels of Ethiopia”

This is Africa "Jewels of Ethiopia" -- Overcoming illness Chad travels into the Ethiopian mountains and finds the giant forest hog he is after as well as a couple of longhaired monkeys and the kudu of a lifetime.

This is Africa “Steak Dinner”

This is Africa "Steak Dinner" -- Chad winds his way up into the dense forests of the Ethiopian mountains on the hunt for a Mountain Nyala and Giant Forest Hog.

This is Africa “RITON Optics Part Two”

This is Africa "RITON Optics Part Two" -- The RITON Optics crew avoid being trampled by a wild black rhino as their first hunting safari on African soil comes to a successful end.

This is Africa “RITON Optics Part One”

This is Africa "RITON Optics Part One" -- The RITON Optics crew travel to South Africa for their first African hunting safari. Brothers Steven and Peter Tam of Tam Safaris guide them on their adventure in search of excellent plains game trophies.

This is Africa “Angry Rhino”

This is Africa "Angry Rhino" -- This week on This is Africa, Michelle gets back behind the rifle and chases spring hares as Chad endeavors to secure his last trophy to complete the big five on the plains of South Africa.

This is Africa “Cool Critters”

This is Africa "Cool Critters" -- Join the whole TIA gang as Michelle tries for her first cape buffalo, Andy catches all sorts of cool critters and Chad gets back behind his double rifle.

This is Africa “Angry Rhino”

This is Africa "Angry Rhino" -- This week on This is Africa, Michelle gets back behind the rifle and chases spring hares as Chad endeavors to secure his last trophy to complete the big five on the plains of South Africa.

This is Africa “Muddy Michelle”

Muddy Michelle This is Africa Enjoy some classic African safari time on the magnificent Masai plains of Tanzania as Christians ski holiday is held up when Michelle gets stuck in the mud. [...]

This is Africa “African Ski Holiday”

African Ski Holiday Yes,This is Africa Michelle and Chad are in Tanzania where an eland gives Chad the run around whilst client, Christian, and professional hunter, Mica, embark on an African ski holiday. [...]

This is Africa “Jesse Ninja”

Jesse Ninja This is Africa Were back on the shores of Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe on the hunt for a huge Nile crocodile and we find out if Andrew can manage to recover his wounded [...]

This is Africa “Wounded and Lost?”

Wounded and Lost? This is Africa Professional hunters Dolton Tink and York Mare take us to the magnificent Omay safari area while on the hunt for tusk-less elephant and Cape Buffalo on the wild [...]

This is Africa “100 Percent Chaos”

100 Percent Chaos This is Africa After receiving a blessing from the local witch doctor, and with only a day and a half to spare, The Smith brothers get up close and personal in [...]

This is Africa “Shoot on Three”

Shoot on Three This is Africa This week on This is Africa we hunt with local Zimbabwean Brothers with tons of hunting history and observe their unique way of hunting Cape Buffalo. [...]

This is Africa “Andy on Edge”

Andy on Edge This is Africa Andy gains tremendous respect for mountain hunters as he tries to keep up with world-renowned trophy hunter Wayne Farnsworth Jr. in the treacherous mountains of Tajikistan in search [...]

This is Africa “Lucky Shorts”

Lucky Shorts This is Africa Andy shows us the difficulties in dealing with snare poachers, whilst Chad follows a wounded Cape Buffalo and gets lucky on his last hunting day with an ancient bull. [...]

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