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The dynamic team of brother and sister, Andrew and Michelle Buchanan, have a lifetime worth of experience in African hunting. With a passion for wildlife and a fun loving dynamic, born of a lifetime spent hunting and fishing together on the African Continent. Watch how Michelle, Andy and their award winning post-productions team tell the stories of their friends hunting and fishing across the Dark Continent, revealing the mysteries and secrets of Africa’s wildlife. Yesteryear’s shows will be replaced by knowledge of local people, cultures and animals (big and small), in today’s challenging and quirky Africa.


This is Africa “Brain Shot”

Brain Shot This is Africa The Buchan Hunts team heads to Uganda for a rainy buffalo hunt that ends with what could be the most impressive brain shot on a buffalo ever shown on [...]

This is Africa “Swamp Ghost”

Swamp Ghost This is Africa In the first episode of This is Africa Andy and Michelle take Chad on a hunt for the illusive Sitatunga in the swamps of Zambia. [...]