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The Way It Was follows Sid McCullin and Lynn Beaty as they share their hunting knowledge with the next generation of outdoorsmen. Lynn and Sid’s friendship was established in 1970, after a slight altercation on the college football field. The two players did not know each other at the time, but after the dust settled, the two became lifelong friends. Sharing the same core values of faith, family, hard work, and a strong passion for the outdoors has led to 47 years of hunting experiences together. Sid and Lynn’s vision for The Way It Was is to teach others the way things were when they were learning about the outdoors, and to positively impact a society that is filled with instant gratification and technology. The Way It Was demonstrates that a strong foundation of faith, family, and outdoor traditions can still impact a person’s life for the better, just as it did when they were growing up.


The Way It Was “The Story of Alonzo”

The Way It Was "The Story of Alonzo" -- Mr. Lynn has his mind set on one buck only. He watches this thing for months. Not everything goes as planned. There were definitely speed bumps along the way. This is his biggest buck to date.

The Way It Was “Gone Fishin”

The Way It Was "Gone Fishin" -- There are many ways to catch a fish. On this episode the guys walk you through a few different ways.

The Way It Was “A lost Tradition”

The Way It Was "A lost Tradition" -- Bird hunting seems to be a lost tradition among the younger generations. We want to show you bird hunting the Way It Was.

The Way It Was “Down to the Wire”

The Way It Was "Down to the Wire" -- The Rev is back in Kansas chasing whitetails. With the hunt coming down to the last morning Gevan is bringing it down to the wire to wrap his tag around a Kansas giant.

The Way It Was “Nine Year Drought”

The Way It Was "Nine Year Drought" -- It is been nine years since Sid has wrapped a tag around the antler of an elk. With a little luck and help from good friends and family Sid will seal the deal.

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