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The Way It Was follows Sid McCullin and Lynn Beaty as they share their hunting knowledge with the next generation of outdoorsmen. Lynn and Sid’s friendship was established in 1970, after a slight altercation on the college football field. The two players did not know each other at the time, but after the dust settled, the two became lifelong friends. Sharing the same core values of faith, family, hard work, and a strong passion for the outdoors has led to 47 years of hunting experiences together. Sid and Lynn’s vision for The Way It Was is to teach others the way things were when they were learning about the outdoors, and to positively impact a society that is filled with instant gratification and technology. The Way It Was demonstrates that a strong foundation of faith, family, and outdoor traditions can still impact a person’s life for the better, just as it did when they were growing up.


The Way It Was “Best of the Best”

Best of the Best The Way It Was Sid and Lynn pick some of their favorite memories in the 2017 season. With lots of big whitetails and tons of memories made this year will [...]

The Way It Was “The Kids”

The Kids The Way It Was With Sid tagged out the farms still have plenty of deer so Gabe and Chase are going after some Kansas giants.

The Way It Was “Headed West”

Headed West The Way It Was Lynn and Sid are on the second leg of their turkey slam so they are heading west to close out the slam.

The Way It Was “Weigh Ins”

Weigh Ins The Way It Was The guys are in there home state of Louisiana chasing pigs. This time its a little bit different as they are participating in a hog tournament. Find out [...]

The Way It Was “Hoop Nets”

Hoop Nets The Way It Was Lynn and Sid show you what to do when you're tired of fishing and want to start catching. It is time to go hoop net fishing! [...]

The Way It Was “Old Brute”

Old Brute The Way It Was Sid is hunting in Kansas where he has a close encounter with a Kansas giant and seals the deal on an old warrior buck he has been after [...]

The Way It Was “High and Tight”

High and Tight The Way It Was Lynn’s daughter Maranda has hunted hard all season and she finally catches up to a once and a lifetime buck in Kansas.

The Way It Was “Lucky”

Lucky The Way It Was Lynn has been after a buck called “Lucky” for the last three years and he’s about to close the chapter on a Kansas giant.

The Way It Was “Three of a Kind”

Three of a Kind The Way It Was Lynn and Sid are hosting youth hunts during the early season where they are trying to teach the kids not only about hunting but about life. [...]