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The Summit by High Mountain Archery™ chronicles the all-archery pursuit of high mountain species around the world, sharing not just the hunt, but stories of the culture, history, and food, oftentimes in places few others have ever seen. Follow host, Rob Gerstner, on this global trek with 100% archery, 100% free-range, 100% fair chase standards. With destinations like Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Russia, and Mongolia, this is truly a unique series that breaks the mold of the average hunting show!


The Summit “Creatures of the Mist”

The Summit "Creatures of the Mist" -- Rob explores the culture and food of Azerbaijan while hunting for Dagestan Tur in the rugged Caucasus Mountains. Unfamiliar with bow hunting the local guides make the hunt difficult as Rob struggles to explain to them the tactics necessary for a successful archery harvest.

The Summit “Completely Weather In”

The Summit "Completely Weather In" -- The grind of hunting in the Northwest Territories backcountry takes its toll on Rob Isaac and Kelly. Bad weather takes hold and threatens to put an end to the hunt. Rob finally connects with a Dall Sheep but struggles to make it out of the wilderness alive. Isaac has a close encounter with a huge Mountain Caribou. Part 2 of 2.

The Summit “Making History”

The Summit "Making History" -- Rob makes history as the first modern bow hunter in Macedonia where he pursues the tiny Balkan Chamois on the slopes of Mount Karadžica. Rob explores the history of the Macedonian Empire and tours the ancient city of Ohrid.

The Summit “Carcajou Hilton”

The Summit "Carcajou Hilton" -- Rob heads to the backcountry of the Northwest Territories with lifelong friend Isaac VonRhedey in pursuit of a mature Dall Sheep. Isaac catches a lake trout that’s subject of a local legend. The guys struggle to get in close to a mature ram. Part 1 of 2.

The Summit “Trans Pecos”

The Summit "Trans Pecos" -- The semiarid Trans Pecos region of West Texas is home to the Williams Ranch an 86 square mile oasis where a successful cattle ranch and abundant wildlife co-exist. Rob explores this history while in pursuit of a mature Aoudad ram.

The Summit “Macho de Montes”

The Summit "Macho de Montes" -- Rob investigates the link between hunters and wildlife management in Spain while hunting for Ronda Ibex A small tapas bar becomes a popular spot when he returns with his quarry Rob takes some time at the end of the hunt to explore of the local culture and is invited on a private tour of a local olive orchard

The Summit “Karakia”

The Summit "Karakia" -- Rob’s New Zealand adventure continues. A new perspective on wildlife management is presented by native Māori indigenous Polynesians of New Zealand, Karl Russell. Karl’s karakia prayer helps turn the tide on Rob’s bad luck. Part 2 of 2.

The Summit “Déjà vu Tahr”

The Summit "Déjà vu Tahr" -- Rob travels to New Zealand in pursuit of free-range Himalayan Tahr on the South Island where he investigates the controversies surrounding big game hunting in New Zealand A second-chance bull creates a sense of déjà vu as Rob attempts to redeem himself from a streak of bad luck Part 1 of 2

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