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The Grind Waterfowl TV is a host-less show comprised of a group of hunters from Lucky Duck, Dakota Decoy, well known guide services, and passionate waterfowler’s. The producer of the show is Dreamweaver Creative. Together, they set out to provide you with a quality waterfowl hunting show that provides many hunting tips and conservations efforts to promote the sport of waterfowl.


The Grind Waterfowl TV “Fat Mallards”

Fat Mallards The Grind Waterfowl TV The Grind is on the last leg of the season at Angel Wing Outfitters, and the ducks are thick. A small creek is first up, followed by Nebraska [...]

The Grind Waterfowl TV “Risks and Rewards”

Risks and Rewards The Grind Waterfowl TV Big Kansas Outdoors and Cornerstone Gundog Academy get to the feed and find the geese still in the field. They risk bouncing the birds, and it pays [...]

The Grind Waterfowl TV “Milo Mallards”

Milo Mallards The Grind Waterfowl TV Southern Oak Kennels meets up with Big Kansas Outdoors to hunt a milo field for greenheads, right as a cold front hits the plains. [...]

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