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The goal of The Green Way Outdoors is to promote and protect outdoor heritage and conservation through educating, inspiring, entertaining, and simplifying outdoor activities to increase participation for both novice and experienced outdoorsmen and women while demonstrating respect and wholesome values for the blessing and beauty of the natural world. Each episode teaches you a specific tactic, for a specific species hunting or fishing. The show starts with the Conservation Corner which decriminalizes the hunt by teaching people how hunters conservation efforts make that hunting or fishing trip possible. Then comes The Green Way Gear Checklist that which details all the equipment you need for that tactic and species. After that, the 3 young hosts take you on the trip with them. After they harvest the game they say a prayer to thank God for the opportunity and show you how to cook the game in the kitchen. Every episode takes you from nature to supper! Enjoy this hilarious, informative and moral driven show on The Pursuit Channel! We started this show because over 60% of all hunting and fishing licenses in Michigan are sold to white males over the age of 55. That trend holds true throughout the United States. We know that as that age group quits buying licenses and participating in conservation organizations, it will spell doom for the natural resources in the United States. The Green Way Outdoors is setting out to right the ship and peak the interest of millennials so that we can help replace the hunting and fishing license lost. We do that by teaching them how to do it, making them laugh, and simply being Millennials ourselves. Join us on that mission and tune in!