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Exciting adventure continues with our hosts Steve Ecklund, Helgie Eymundson and Jeff Coyle as they gear up for more heart-stopping and physically challenging hunting adventures. This year they are taking it to the next level with beautiful and captivating hunting destinations. This season is high energy, high-impact hunting television program that features rifle and archery hunts in Canada and in various parts of the world.


The Edge “Long Range Buck”

Long Range Buck The Edge After his friend takes an impressive muley at an even more impressive distance, host Steve Ecklund races against the weather and the clock to take his own buck. [...]

The Edge “Lucky Elk”

Lucky Elk The Edge Hunting legend Colorado Buck joins host Helgie Eymundson in Northern New Mexico where a chance encounter yields a fortunate opportunity to take down an impressive bull Elk. [...]

The Edge “Prairie State of Mind”

Prairie State of Mind The Edge Edge hosts Steve Ecklund and Jeff Coyle team up as they travel to Illinois to see if there's a monster Whitetail Buck with their name on it. [...]

The Edge “Falling on Elk Ears”

Falling on Elk Ears The Edge After a booming meteor crash scares the Elk out of B.C, host Jeff Coyle goes back to Alberta to join up with Helgie Eymundson in hopes of calling [...]

The Edge “Stubborn as a Mule… Deer”

Stubborn as a Mule... Deer The Edge If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. Host Jeff Coyle tests his determination as he tracks down some majestic Alberta Mule Deer. [...]

The Edge “High Mountain Goat”

High Mountain Goat The Edge Watch as The Edge host Steve Ecklund pushes beyond his physical limits as he scales the mountains of Northern BC in search of the elusive Mountain Goat. Will the [...]

The Edge “Monster Moose”

Monster Moose The Edge He's got the right guide in the right place. Come along as host Steve Ecklund ventures deep into the pristine wilderness of Northern B.C to a hidden location known for [...]

The Edge “Elk vs. Fire”

Elk vs. Fire The Edge Things heat up as hot early season conditions and an unexpected wildfire try to impede Edge host Steve Ecklund's pursuit of an Alberta bull Elk. [...]

The Edge “Practice Makes Perfect”

Practice Makes Perfect The Edge From heartbreak to happiness Edge host Steve Ecklund returns to bear camp to get his shot at an impressive Northern Saskatchewan Black Bear.

The Edge “Two Dreams Come True”

Two Dreams Come True The Edge Two incredible tales from the tree stand as Edge host Steve Ecklund helps two young female hunters attain their dreams of taking their very first bears. [...]

The Edge “Best of”

Best of The Edge Join us as we take a look back on the season’s best and most exciting moments across the globe.

The Edge “Dangerous Game”

Dangerous Game The Edge Brace yourself for this dangerous game hunt. Facing his most challenging hunt yet, The Edge Abroad host Helgie Eymundson focuses his sights on the animal he's journeyed across the globe [...]

The Edge “Seeing Stripes”

Seeing Stripes The Edge The Edge Abroad host Helgie Eymundson's South African hunting adventure continues as he searches for plains game. Dense bush and some cagey Zebra test his skill... and patience. [...]

The Edge “Stag Team”

Stag Team The Edge In part two of his epic adventure, The Edge Abroad host Jeff Coyle is in New Zealand to harvest the majestic Red Stag. Facing tough terrain, steep hills, and the [...]

The Edge “Fallow the Leader”

Fallow the Leader The Edge In part one of this exciting adventure, The Edge Abroad host Jeff Coyle journeys across the globe to New Zealand for the dream hunt of a lifetime. Follow his [...]

The Edge “Slam Ram”

Slam Ram The Edge Anticipation is high as we watch The Edge Abroad host Steve Ecklund in the final installment of his 'Ram Slam' saga. Join him on his quest to complete this epic [...]