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The Direction takes you to bucket list fishing locations where host Mark Stowe is joined each week by guests who have great stories to tell. Each person, location and expirience bringing something unique. During each episode, we share fishing tips while having a little fun. Our goal is for you the viewer to gain insight while enjoying some impactful and personal moments.You will never know who will step in the boat next. You will never know our next stop or what may happen. Watch and see where “ The Direction” takes you next.



The Direction "SERVING THOSE WHO SERVED" -- Each year the United States celebrates those who sacrificed protecting and serving this country so that we can enjoy our freedoms and live our lives as we choose. Host Mark Stowe and friends Wes Thomas and Terry McWilliams take a couple of those veterans for a day on the water that no one will soon forget. Presented by Indiana 811.


The Direction "FISHING WITH NORDBYE" -- Lake Guntersville in Alabama is no doubt one of the most renowned bass fisheries in the country but it is also home to one of the fastest growing online fishing content creators. Host Mark Stowe spends a couple of days with Andrew Nordbye who is quickly becoming a household name in the online fishing world and Mark learns the ins and outs of what it takes to create online video content but also how to catch this legendary largemouth bass on Guntersville. Presented by Alabama 811.


The Direction "CHASING THE DREAM" -- Host Mark Stowe is headed north to Lake St. Clair to spend time with his longtime friend Chris Beaudrie catching big smallmouth bass, but also peek into the life of someone who is trying to fulfill his lifelong dream of professional bass fishing by qualifying for the Bassmaster Elite Series. Presented by Miss Utility.

The Direction “Froze Over”

The Direction "Froze Over" -- When the lakes freeze over and most folks have a warm fire going in their homes, there are some folks who load up the snow mobiles and head for the lake for a fishing experience that is only found when the water is hard. The main target being panfish, the ice fishing experience is second to none. Host Mark Stowe is loaded up and headed north with plenty of warm clothes to have some fun on the ice. Presented by Ohio 811.

The Direction “Farming For Bass”

The Direction "Farming For Bass" -- Everyone is familiar with farming, but not everyone has heard of farming for bass! Richard Rogers started off with a small pond on his property, but has transformed it into a giant lake that is full of quality bass! Host Mark Stowe spends some time on his boat learning how Richard put a plan into action many years ago to have great bass fishing on-farm and is now a dream come true. Presented By Miss Utility.

The Direction “Winter Time Florida Fishing”

The Direction "Winter Time Florida Fishing" -- Florida is a well-known destination year-round, but for many, it is a nice place to warm up after a long cold winter. Host Mark Stowe is headed south to soak up some warm Florida sunshine and enjoy its great fishing with some awesome friends! Presented by Miss Utility.

The Direction “Niagara Falls Runoff”

The Direction "Niagara Falls Runoff" -- Upstate New York is well known for its beauty and history, but it also has become a “hotspot” for bass anglers, especially those targeting the smallmouth bass species. Host Mark Stowe has the opportunity to fish with Terry McWilliams and friend Roger Sampson, and shows Roger what smallmouth fishing is all about! Presented By New York 811.

The Direction “Big Bass Off The Map”

The Direction "Big Bass Off The Map" -- Florida bass fishing is known worldwide for producing giant fish and catching lots of fish. Host Mark Stowe heads down to meet up with Brent Anderson and get a dose of sunshine and these big Florida bass! Presented By Miss Utility.

The Direction “Lowcountry Crappie”

The Direction "Lowcountry Crappie" -- Each year, host Mark Stowe gets an opportunity to fish with Carl and Missy, and this year, they invited Mark over to South Carolina to VIP Adventures to experience some Low Country crappie fishing. Presented By South Carolina 811.

The Direction “Big Hits on St Clair”

Big Hits on St Clair The Direction Former University of Kentucky linebacker Kash Daniels isn’t scared to make big plays on the college football field, and isn’t scared to tangle with smallmouth bass! Mark [...]

The Direction “Throw a Ball, Catch a Bass”

Throw a Ball, Catch a Bass The Direction With an outstanding professional football career in the rear view mirror, former NFL quarterback Chris Redman now spends his days passing down his football knowledge and [...]

The Direction “Big T Crappie”

Big T Crappie The Direction There are a few names that crappie hate to see on the side of a boat, and Tony Sheppard with Jenko Fishing is at the top of that list. [...]

The Direction “Pickin and Grinnin”

Pickin and Grinnin The Direction Country music artist Shannon Lawson and host Mark Stowe share the same home state, and passion for the outdoors. Not only is Shannon a successful songwriter and artist, but [...]

The Direction “Military Appreciation”

Military Appreciation The Direction There is nothing more gratifying than introducing someone to the outdoors and getting a chance to take a few of our nation's military veterans out for a day of incredible [...]

The Direction “Locals and Legends”

Locals and Legends The Direction Lake Eufaula in Alabama is a legendary fishery in the world of bass fishing. Mark Stowe is fishing early summer with a local friend, fishermen, and angler Reed Ledford [...]

The Direction “Happy Meal 2.0”

Happy Meal 2.0 The Direction What happens when you put 4 Anglers in 1 boat at Vero Trophy Bass Lakes… One big catastrophe of a great time!!!

The Direction “No Person Left Behind”

No Person Left Behind The Direction One Call Concepts has brought together Mark Stowe and No Person Left Behind volunteer, Chase Savage, to share his story of connecting with No Person Left Behind and [...]

The Direction “Swindle Time”

Swindle Time The Direction When you think about the Swindle last name, you think fishing. This week Mark Stowe is joined by Trey Swindle on Lake Guntersville in Alabama and oh my are there [...]

The Direction “Catching em”

Catching em The Direction This week Mark Stowe brings Jimmy Jennings and Dan Sheehan to his home town, in Kentucky, to catch some Taylorsville Lake crappie and to show that you don’t have to [...]

The Direction “New York Smallies”

New York Smallies The Direction If your looking to catch some great smallmouth, 1000 Islands, New York is a hard place to beat. Mark Stowe and Kyle Metzger spend a few days tracking down [...]

The Direction “The Freeze”

The Freeze The Direction Usually we use a boat for fishing on lakes, but this week we’re taking the UTV and snowmobiles because it’s completely frozen over! We set out onto Saginaw Bay, located [...]

The Direction “American Veterans”

American Veterans The Direction A salute to American Veterans. Its time for The Direction's annual West Boggs, IN fish smackdown, where we take some American Veterans out to say thank you and have a [...]

The Direction “Georgia Power Fishing”

Georgia Power Fishing The Direction Fishing tournaments make you think big gas-powered outboards and large bass boats, but this week we’re meeting up with Merrick McCluere at Rocky Mountain Public Fishing Area to learn [...]

The Direction “Stonewallin’ Gills”

Stonewallin' Gills The Direction Mark Stowe and his son, Nick, head to Stonewall Jackson Lake in West Virginia to catch some fish. Due to some recent whether, it became apparent that they would have [...]

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