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The Direction takes you to bucket list locations catching fish with Mark Stowe and guests. The show shares some great stories about it guests while creating some good laughs, great fish catching and some how to’s of fishing.  Mark likes to share the fun side of fishing and wants to create an impactful show. You will have to watch to see what “Direction” is next.


The Direction “The Look Back”

The Look Back The Direction Mark Stowe and Jimmy Jennings get together to look back on the 2019 season and highlight their favorite moments.

The Direction “The Happy Meal Bet”

The Happy Meal Bet The Direction Mark Stowe, Misty Wise, and Carl Carson get a fishing bet going on the Cooper River, in South Carolina, and each one of them is determined to win [...]

The Direction “Daughters”

Daughters The Direction Mark Stowe takes his daughter, Lauren Stowe, to Alabama for some fun family time, while trying to catch some largemouth bass.

The Direction “Mason Farming”

Mason Farming The Direction Mark Stowe travels to Worthington, IN to fish with Mark Mason from Bloodhound and Americas CEO, Tim Laird, who will be cooking up a great fresh fish recipe. [...]

The Direction “Legends of Fishing”

Legends of Fishing The Direction A dream team of fishermen showing off their skills. Steve Clapper and Terry McWilliams share their knowledge with Mark Stowe and Roger Lipscomb on lake St. Clair while the [...]

The Direction “Football Fishing”

Football Fishing The Direction Mark Stowe and his son, Nick Stowe, gather up some local kids and the high school football coach, Mike Marksbury, for some pond fishing fun.

The Direction “Gives Back”

Gives Back The Direction Mark Stowe heads to the Nipsco Gives Back Charity Fund raising fishing event in Indiana, where they are raising money for Autism Awareness.

The Direction “Keep Your Eye on the Bait”

Keep Your Eye on the Bait The Direction You always anticipate catching fish, but guest Mark Garner gets a hook set he wasn’t expecting, leaving Mark Stowe and Mattie Garner just as surprised. [...]

The Direction “The Wake”

The Wake The Direction Carl Parks and Mark Stowe head to Cedar Creek Lake in Kentucky for a Tribute to Carl’s son, CJ, whose story continues to affect others.

The Direction “The First Pitch”

The First Pitch The Direction Mark Stowe throws the first pitch at the Georgia Striper game and the Wade family shares some fish catching fun at their family’s place.

The Direction “Depths of Kentucky Lake”

Depths of Kentucky Lake The Direction This week Mark Stowe heads to Kentucky Lake with his friends Chris Beaudrie and Jimmy Jennings to do some ledge fishing and hook into some Largemouth. [...]

The Direction “Military Appreciation”

Military Appreciation The Direction Our second annual West Boggs Lake Military appreciation fishing event. Mark Stowe, Terry McWilliams, and Wes Thomas take some servicemen fishing, with a little surprise at the end. [...]

The Direction “Indiana River Smallies”

Indiana River Smallies The Direction The White River flows through the heart of Indianapolis, IN and is the home of some great smallmouth fishing. Join Mark Stowe and Indiana Bass fisherman Terry McWilliams as [...]