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The Den is a show featuring 4 teams that go to battle to see who has what it takes for national TV. Guest judges each week will judge the teams good and bad points. The show is hosted by “The Bear Whisperer” Blaine Anthony. The team that wins the show, will win their own airtime that will be aired in 2019 right here on the Pursuit Channel.
The 4 teams in the 2018 show is Team Barbwire, Backcountry Traditions, Big Muddy Outdoors and Keepin up with the Jones. These teams are all new to TV and are learning as they go. As an added challenge, most of the teams are even editing their own content.
Tune in each week as different teams hunting different game face off in the challenge. Just after the halfway point of the season, we will start a semifinal round with the top 2 teams and continue until a winner is announced.
Welcome to the Den.


The Den “Winner Winner”

Winner Winner The Den This week is the week Blaine and Jeff Sit down to see if they can figure out who should win this season of The Den!

The Den “Hogs of a Feather”

Hogs of a Feather The Den This week Team Barbwire is headed after some hogs, and Back Country Traditions looks to the sky for some geese!

The Den “Waterfowl and Bucks”

Waterfowl and Bucks The Den This week Big Muddie Outdoors heads out after another great buck, while Back Country Traditions chase some seas ducks on the big water!

The Den “Big bucks and Africa p. 2”

Big bucks and Africa p. 2 The Den This week Big Muddie outdoors is after another giant whitetail, while Back Country Traditions heads back out after more big game in Africa. [...]

The Den “To Africa and Back”

To Africa and Back The Den This week Back Country tradition takes us to Africa! Then we come back home to do a little hog hunt with Team Barb Wire. [...]

The Den “Last Teams”

Last Teams The Den This week we take a look at the last two teams competing this season, Keeping up with the Jones and Team Barbwire.