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In 2004 Scott Carroll and Brad Frost created Archery Adventures LLC as a Video Production Company. Scott and Brad both shared an obsession with hunting and were already filming their hunts to share with their friends and family. Their vision was to produce high-quality hunting videos of their expeditions as well as inform and encourage others to enjoy the hunting life style. Scott and Brad partnered with Greg Conkel of Higher Frequency Productions to create, edit and produce a video series of their hunts. Then in 2008 they decided to broaden the scope of their shows to television and created “The Challenge.”


The Challenge “Bubba J REPEAT”

The Challenge "Bubba J REPEAT" -- Brad Scott and field producer David Moore chase turkeys in Kansas on the first leg of their annual Turkey Tour.

The Challenge “Birdie”

The Challenge "Birdie" -- Brad and Scott chase big midwestern whitetails in Missouri with Honey Creek Outfitters

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