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We’re not professional hunters or videographers. We’re just hunters with regular professions. With every BREAK from our normal lives…we Hunt The Break!


The Break “Locked Up”

Locked Up The Break Derek Dirnberger, Zac Hoenes, and the ALPS OutdoorZ crew head to Locked Up Outfitters in Saskatchewan to hunt waterfowl.

The Break “State Line”

State Line The Break Expectations are high when hunting near the Missouri-Iowa border. Joe Hoehn and Bobby Raybourn are hunting each side of the State Line.

The Break “Bucket List”

Bucket List The Break Carl Drake is headed back to Eland Safaris to hunt one of his bucket list animals, the cape buffalo. James Faught is along to video and joins in on the [...]

The Break “Dividends”

Dividends The Break Clayton Renth and his dad put in the work to hold deer on their farm and now it's time to collect the dividends.

The Break “The Struggle”

The Struggle The Break The struggle has been real for The Break's chief hunter, Derek Dirnberger, over the last two deer seasons.

The Break “Joe’s Show”

Joe's Show The Break Joe Hennemann has had success in the whitetail woods for the last three seasons. Time to get caught up.

The Break “Mr. Consistent”

Mr. Consistent The Break Zac Hoenes and his family head to Wyoming for a pronghorn hunt and Zac hunts whitetails in Missouri

The Break “The Big 8”

The Big 8 The Break Jeremy Mills and his son, Landon, conclude a four-year quest for a giant buck they call "The Big 8".

The Break “Team Davenport”

Team Davenport The Break Bo and Rhonda Davenport are a team when it comes to hunting as they travel the globe chasing adventures.

The Break “Family Affair”

Family Affair The Break It's a Family Affair as Zac Hoenes takes his daughter and cousin deer hunting while another family member gets a chance at a giant buck.

The Break “The Tens”

The Tens The Break Dan Grosse and his daughter, Addison, are after a couple Ohio 10-pointers and Carl Drake heads to Iowa for his own ten.

The Break “Show-Me-State”

Show-Me-State The Break Todd Hogan and Joe Hoehn are hunting Show-Me-State buck. Todd also takes his son, Evan, out during the Missouri youth season.

The Break “Deer Slayer”

Deer Slayer The Break Jeremiah Kohlfeld is balancing the deer herd and managing for quality bucks in southeast Missouri.