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The story of the tv show “The Best of the West” begins in 1998, with an idea between a couple of friends, Jack Peterson, and Dale Caldwell, to put together a hunting video. From this idea sprung a video and TV production company – Bridger Trail Video. This company continued to evolve and grow over the years with the addition of an optics and scope company called Huskemaw Optics.
Since their debut in 2003, “The Best of the West” has produced over 180 episodes and is still going strong. According to Nielsen ratings from 2010, “The Best of the West” reached 4.7 million households last year alone. The focus of “The Best of the West” is to entertain and educate sportsmen and women about long range shooting and hunting. This is done primarily with the Huskemaw scope, the only scope on the market with windage enabled turrets.
In each episode, viewers follow one of the pro staff or Huskemaw Reps as they hunt around the world. In addition, viewers will be taken behind the scenes to see what goes on at the Best of the West headquarters located in Cody, Wyoming. There the master gunsmiths and long-range experts will explore what goes into a Best of the West shooting system, and Huskemaw scope.
Today the long-range hunting equipment market is still rapidly growing – Best of the West has produced and sold products in the United States, Canada and numerous other countries around the world. And yet, Best of the West’s vision statement has not changed – we strive to produce and market cutting-edge products and technology that allows hunters and shooters to expand their level of competency in long range shooting.


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