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At Texas Game Hunters it is our goal to share educational, entertaining, and real hunting experiences, and bring our viewers along for the adventure!


8Up With It “8up in Mexico!”

8up in Mexico! 8Up With It Joe, Donnie and Brannon head down to Mexico with Mexico Hunting to try and help Scott out with some deer management!

8Up With It “Dreams Come True”

Dreams Come True 8Up With It Joe Slye and Donnie Orner travel to Canada with Spirit Creek Outfitters chasing a dream of killing Black Bear!

8Up With It “Doe Patrol”

Doe Patrol 8Up With It The early season is upon the 8up crew, which means the perfect time for some early season management and Doe Patrol!

8Up With It “Pig Stickin”

Pig Stickin 8Up With It This is a throwback hog hunt to mix things up this week on 8up With It Outdoors, also a big announcement for the Fan Clip of the Week! [...]

8Up With It “On the Road”

On the Road 8Up With It This week on 8up With it Outdoors the guys travel to Kansas and Georgia to take on longbeards!

8Up With It “Missouri Smack-Down”

Missouri Smack-Down 8Up With It 8up Guru's Derrick Myers and Dusty Brock travel with Host Joe Slye to 8up guru Donnie Orners Spring Creek Outfitters to take on Missouri longbeards. [...]