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God, Family & Friends is what Texas Boys Outdoors is all about! Join us as we travel up and down the coast and all across the Lone Star State in search of adventure!


Texas Boys Outdoors “Heroes on the Water”

Texas Boys Outdoors "Heroes on the Water" -- TX Roy and crew take a few of our local heroes for a little lip rippin therapy. Whether its salt or fresh, the water is the place to be for a little recharge and reset. Its Texas Boys Outdoors giving back the only way we know how... through the great outdoors!

Texas Boys Outdoors “The Texas Outdoor Experience”

Texas Boys Outdoors "The Texas Outdoor Experience" -- Texas Roy and crew take out our special guest, Carson, for a saltwater fishing experience. Things dont go as they hoped so they plan a second trip for a first for Carson. Its a chance to harvest a South Texas buck that lifts the spirits of this young man battling cancer.

Texas Boys Outdoors “A Family Legacy”

A Family Legacy Texas Boys Outdoors On this episode of Texas Boys Outdoors we celebrate fatherhood. TX Roy gets a chance to take his boys out and show them what it means to be [...]

Texas Boys Outdoors “Texas Boys Roadtrip”

Texas Boys Roadtrip Texas Boys Outdoors Texas Roy and Crew jump in their Gulf Coast Auto Trucks and head down to spend the week on the South Texas Shoreline. Anytime the boys get together [...]

Texas Boys Outdoors “Night Ops”

Night Ops Texas Boys Outdoors Texas Roy and crew head out to Houston County, TX, and meet up with some local heroes helping to control the pig population and farmland devastation. Then we switch [...]

Texas Boys Outdoors “Texas Kids Outdoors”

Texas Kids Outdoors Texas Boys Outdoors TX Roy and crew take out a few special guests this week. From overcoming cancer to living bravely through accidents, these kids are heroes we admire too. Join [...]

Texas Boys Outdoors “Therapy on the Water”

Therapy on the Water Texas Boys Outdoors At Texas Boys Outdoors we are privileged to work with so many different organizations to help give back to our heroes and kids. In this episode, we [...]

Texas Boys Outdoors “Triple Threat”

Triple Threat Texas Boys Outdoors Join the Texas Boys Crew as they head down to South Texas for a little hunting in the air and on land. Then we jump in the boat with [...]

Texas Boys Outdoors “Drifting & Wading”

Drifting & Wading Texas Boys Outdoors Join TX Roy and crew as they take out a variety of guests this week. On one boat, a group of veterans trying their luck at wading West [...]

Texas Boys Outdoors “Honoring Officer 758”

Honoring Officer 758 Texas Boys Outdoors In this all new episode of Texas Boys Outdoors, Texas Roy and crew take out Officer Abigail Arias, a little girl who shines in a big way. Join [...]

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