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God, Family & Friends is what Texas Boys Outdoors is all about! Join us as we travel up and down the coast and all across the Lone Star State in search of adventure!


Texas Boys Outdoors “Drifting & Wading”

Drifting & Wading Texas Boys Outdoors Join TX Roy and crew as they take out a variety of guests this week. On one boat, a group of veterans trying their luck at wading West [...]

Texas Boys Outdoors “Honoring Officer 758”

Honoring Officer 758 Texas Boys Outdoors In this all new episode of Texas Boys Outdoors, Texas Roy and crew take out Officer Abigail Arias, a little girl who shines in a big way. Join [...]

Texas Boys Outdoors “Gulf Coast Wading”

Gulf Coast Wading Texas Boys Outdoors Pro Staffer Andy Thorpe hunts with Cypress Roost Outfitters in F.L. and Tail Feather Inn out in K.S. to attempt his journey on a Turkey Grand Slam. Watch [...]

Texas Boys Outdoors “Big Red & Big Boars”

Big Red & Big Boars Texas Boys Outdoors Texas Roy and the TX Boys crew head down to Galveston with Shriner's Hospital patient, Juan, to land the largest fish he's ever caught before. Then [...]

Texas Boys Outdoors “San Saba Stalking”

San Saba Stalking Texas Boys Outdoors Texas Roy and the Texas Boys Crew head down to Buck Horn Ranch in San Saba County where Army Veteran Chris Kruppa takes a shot at a deer [...]