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The TEAM 200 concept/brand was born from my own personal goal of harvesting the biggest whitetails that North America has to offer! Over the last decade, in the world of whitetail, I have witnessed first-hand a change taking place. Where the stories and goals of todays bow hunters that used to be described in terms of Boone and Crockett, they are now replaced by the coveted 200″ mark. 200 is the new “Benchmark” in the whitetail hunting!
Taking it a step further, the TEAM 200 concept is to teach fellow hunters no matter where they live, what species they hunt or class of animals they have to pursue, how to consistently harvest the biggest most mature animals their area has to offer, no matter what the score! We will also highlight the best areas in the country for the trophy of a lifetime and where to go to find the best gear available to ensure the hunt is a successful one. Our diverse team has been very fortunate to enjoy and gain over 150 years of experience in the field and with over 30,000 inches of antler to our credit we have a wealth of knowledge to share with everyone.
Being consistently successful on the biggest, most mature animals takes a higher level of dedication and determination, there are no shortcuts to success here, otherwise we may be unready or unprepared once our chance comes. When that moment of truth arrives, when we find ourselves face to face with an animal of a lifetime, we will be ready because we know this one brief moment was built on a thousand other moments of our personal Commitment, Preparation, and Dedication.
This is what we do, this is our mindset, this is the new standard in hunting. This is TEAM 200!!


Team 200 “Red Moon Giants!”

Team 200 "Red Moon Giants!" -- This week Ryan Lemkuhl chases big bucks in Kansas and his good friend puts down a buck of a lifetime!

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Team 200 "RAW Whitetails" -- Team200 members Chris Schmidt. Bryan Rhodd. Jordan Finnigan. and Mike Dempsey chase whitetails in the midwest and show how effective Raw Frozen Scents can be on big bucks!

Team 200 “Cree River Monsters”

Team 200 "Cree River Monsters" -- Team200 visits the Cree River Lodge in northern Saskatchewan to hunt giant black bear. Spot and stalk archery action plus fishing for giant Northern Pike!

Team 200 “Team 200 Canada”

Team 200 "Team 200 Canada" -- Clay Charlton owner of Take Em outfitters is the newest member of Team200 and shares his 2021 season as he chases giant whitetails in Alberta and Saskatchewan along with his bear and elk seasons.

Team 200 “Three Wise Men”

Team 200 "Three Wise Men" -- Team 200s trio of traditional archers recap their 2021 season as they chased monster bucks in Wyoming Kansas and Canada!

Team 200 “Team200 Season Preview”

Team 200 "Team200 Season Preview" -- Its a new year and a new show format! Tune in and take note as Team200 takes an in depth look at some killer hunting tactics that could help you harvest your biggest buck ever!

Team 200 “Kansas King”

Kansas King Team 200 Watch the highs and lows of Ryan Lemkuhls 2019 Dream Season as he chases 3 different giant whitetails!

Team 200 “Traditional Whitetails part 2”

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Team 200 “Traditional Whitetails part 1”

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