Unleashed “Hero Hunt”

Unleashed "Hero Hunt" -- When K9 handlers from our nations armed forces come together with bird dog handlers in the fields of Iowa you will find there are more similarities in the disciplines than you might expect. This week we travel to Iowa for a pheasant hunt with some of our nations heroes and find out what bird dogs and military working dogs have in common.

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Unleashed “United Field Trialers”

Unleashed "United Field Trialers" -- What does it take to produce a world class gun dog? Randy and Nathan Hilligus from Magic Valley Pointers have poured themselves into gun dogs with as much enthusiasm and energy as any dog trainer. From training to field trialing to hunting Randy and Nathan share what it takes to train hunt and compete with top quality gun dogs.

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Unleashed “Schutzhund”

Unleashed "Schutzhund" -- The sport of Schutzhund has been around for more than a century but it has not really gathered the notoriety in the U.S. that it has garnered in Europe. Schtuzhund is a breed suitability sport that focuses on obedience tracking and protection skills and could be considered the most detailed and challenging dog sports around. Take a look inside this fascinating sport and find out what it takes to compete in the Schutzhund world.

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Unleashed “Hogs and Heroes”

Unleashed "Hogs and Heroes" -- This week the Hogs and Heroes foundation teams up with Patriot Point and Kinetic Dog Food to help further the mission of US Kennels. US Kennels rescues dogs from shelters trains them to be service dogs and pairs them with the brave men and women from our nations military. It is Hogs and Dogs this week on Unleashed.

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Unleashed “The Futurity”

Unleashed "The Futurity" -- Bird dog field trials have a long history. With nearly 150 years of tradition behind them they remain an enjoyable pursuit for the men and women who train their dogs to run these field trials. The Southern Bird Hunters Association is dedicated to fully embracing and enhancing all that is good in the sport of Birddog field trials.

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Unleashed “ATK9”

Unleashed "ATK9" -- Every day across the country men women and working dogs commit themselves to keeping us safe. This requires a level of training that very few will ever fully understand. And ATK9 has committed themselves to helping provide that training.

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Unleashed “Hound Dog”

Unleashed "Hound Dog" -- People across the country have been hunting racoons with dogs for a very long time. Whether hunting for pleasure or competition the men and women who train condition and hunt with these dogs are just as committed to their dogs as anyone you will find in any dog sport.

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Unleashed “K9 Academy”

Unleashed "K9 Academy" -- Ever thought about becoming a professional dog trainer? Jeff Minder from Top Tier K9s Academy for Dog Trainers has an idea. Meet regular people from all walks of life who have made their dreams of training dogs a reality through innovative approaches to training mans best friend.

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Unleashed “Sweet Lou”

Unleashed "Sweet Lou" -- When an unexpected puppy arrives at your front door what do you do? In Sweet Lous case you begin a journey that leads to new experiences, tighter bonds and friendships forged around fields game birds and English Setters. Wade Kisner from Sweet Point Setters shares the inspirational story of how mans best friend can have a deep and lasting impact.

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