Unleashed “Dispensary Dogs”

Unleashed "Dispensary Dogs" -- We all know that dogs have one of the keenest senses of smell in the animal kingdom, but is it good enough to detect and locate an odor when that smell is literally everywhere? This week we head to a Las Vegas dispensary, to see just how good a dog's nose is.

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Unleashed “Casino Dogs”

Unleashed "Casino Dogs" -- Las Vegas Nevada is known for its bright lights casinos and luxury hotels and resorts. But did you know that behind the scenes there are highly trained elite K9 teams working hard to keep visitors staff and the public safe? This week we get a peek behind the scenes at the Venetian Resort and learn why these dogs are so important.

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Unleashed “Vohne Liche”

Vohne Liche Unleashed In the heart of Indiana, just north of Indianapolis, youll find the largest canine training facility in all of North America. Vohne Liche Kennels has trained over 5,000 police, government and civilian agencies and theyre very good at what they do.

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Unleashed “Sniffing Out Covid”

Sniffing Out Covid Unleashed We all know that a dog has one of the most keen senses of smell, but can they sniff out disease? Top Tier Kennels is training canines to detect the Covid-19 virus in an effort to reduce the spread and transmission of this infamous virus.

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Unleashed “NAHRA”

NAHRA Unleashed Can a hobbyist or part-time trainer develop a world-class gun dog? Get an inside look at the amateur trainers and handlers of the North American Hunter Retriever Association, and see what it takes to train and work with some of the best retrievers youll find anywhere.

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Unleashed “Dock Dogs”

Dock Dogs Unleashed Get a glimpse into the fun and highly competitive world of dock diving, where dogs of every shape, size and breed show off their athletic abilities. From labradors to malinois and everything in between, find out what it takes to train and compete with these high flying canines. [...]

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Unleashed “Hurricane”

Hurricane Unleashed K9 Hurricane is one of the most decorated working dogs youll ever have the opportunity to meet. This retired US Secret Service K-9 used to protect the White House and hes got an incredible story to tell. Meet Hurricane and his partner Marshall Mirarchi and find out what makes Hurricane a national [...]

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Unleashed “Pilot”

Pilot Unleashed Meet the dogs your dogs aspire to be. Unleashed TV tells the stories of the incredible things dogs are doing every day and the women and men who have dedicated their lives to training and working with mans best friend. This week, we meet Ken Licklider, Steve Ries and Donny Meece, and [...]

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