The Direction “Froze Over”

The Direction "Froze Over" -- When the lakes freeze over and most folks have a warm fire going in their homes, there are some folks who load up the snow mobiles and head for the lake for a fishing experience that is only found when the water is hard. The main target being panfish, the ice fishing experience is second to none. Host Mark Stowe is loaded up and headed north with plenty of warm clothes to have some fun on the ice. Presented by Ohio 811.

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The Direction “Farming For Bass”

The Direction "Farming For Bass" -- Everyone is familiar with farming, but not everyone has heard of farming for bass! Richard Rogers started off with a small pond on his property, but has transformed it into a giant lake that is full of quality bass! Host Mark Stowe spends some time on his boat learning how Richard put a plan into action many years ago to have great bass fishing on-farm and is now a dream come true. Presented By Miss Utility.

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The Direction “Winter Time Florida Fishing”

The Direction "Winter Time Florida Fishing" -- Florida is a well-known destination year-round, but for many, it is a nice place to warm up after a long cold winter. Host Mark Stowe is headed south to soak up some warm Florida sunshine and enjoy its great fishing with some awesome friends! Presented by Miss Utility.

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The Direction “Niagara Falls Runoff”

The Direction "Niagara Falls Runoff" -- Upstate New York is well known for its beauty and history, but it also has become a “hotspot” for bass anglers, especially those targeting the smallmouth bass species. Host Mark Stowe has the opportunity to fish with Terry McWilliams and friend Roger Sampson, and shows Roger what smallmouth fishing is all about! Presented By New York 811.

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The Direction “Big Bass Off The Map”

The Direction "Big Bass Off The Map" -- Florida bass fishing is known worldwide for producing giant fish and catching lots of fish. Host Mark Stowe heads down to meet up with Brent Anderson and get a dose of sunshine and these big Florida bass! Presented By Miss Utility.

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The Direction “Lowcountry Crappie”

The Direction "Lowcountry Crappie" -- Each year, host Mark Stowe gets an opportunity to fish with Carl and Missy, and this year, they invited Mark over to South Carolina to VIP Adventures to experience some Low Country crappie fishing. Presented By South Carolina 811.

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The Direction “Throw a Ball, Catch a Bass”

Throw a Ball, Catch a Bass The Direction With an outstanding professional football career in the rear view mirror, former NFL quarterback Chris Redman now spends his days passing down his football knowledge and spending time outdoors. Mark Stowe loads Chris up and takes him to one of his favorite lakes in Kentucky known [...]

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The Direction “Big T Crappie”

Big T Crappie The Direction There are a few names that crappie hate to see on the side of a boat, and Tony Sheppard with Jenko Fishing is at the top of that list. Mark hops in Tony’s boat for an unbelievable lesson in today's hottest technique, LiveScopin’. Presented by Jenko Fishing. [...]

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The Direction “Big Hits on St Clair”

Big Hits on St Clair The Direction Former University of Kentucky linebacker Kash Daniels isn’t scared to make big plays on the college football field, and isn’t scared to tangle with smallmouth bass! Mark Stowe gets a chance to show Kash around one of the best smallmouth fisheries in the world, Lake St. Clair, [...]

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