The Direction "FLORIDA BUCKET LIST FISH" -- For as long as Mark Stowe and Terry McWilliams can remember, they have always dreamed of catching the famed Goliath Grouper that lives in the deep water. After talking about it for years, they got tired of saying “someday” and made it “TODAY” and headed to FireDrill Charters in Florida to finally make their dreams a reality. Giant Goliath Grouper are legendary in the fight they put up, and can reach well over 500 lbs. With no natural predators, they are truly the “king of the deep”. Mark and Terry are ready to scratch this one off of their bucket list.

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The Direction "LIVING AND LOVING THE OUTDOORS" -- Once in a while, you meet someone who has a real spark for life, someone that loves how things are going, and who inspires us all to just enjoy each day as it comes. Host Mark Stowe spends the day with one of those folks, Nate Adams. Nate has an incredible story of growing up in a not-so-ideal place for a kid who likes fishing, but who chased down that dream, and now has created an unbelievable life in the outdoors, all the while catching some giant Florida largemouth bass.

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The Direction “Fishin’ With Flukemaster”

The Direction "Fishin' With Flukemaster" -- Gene Jensen, AKA Flukemaster is one of the most renowned instructional fishermen on the internet right now, and for good reason. His tips and tactics no doubt show you how to catch more fish. After years of watching him, Mark Stowe heads down to do a little fishing with Gene, in hopes of hearing his story and picking up a few tricks to put more fish in the boat. Presented by Georgia 811.

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The Direction “ONE MAN, ONE JOB, 40 YEARS”

The Direction "ONE MAN, ONE JOB, 40 YEARS" -- Greer’s Ferry in Arkansas is a great place to catch some nice bass and is home to some excellent smallmouth bass fishing, but it is also home to Vinny Vickers. Vinny has spent the last 40 years serving CenterPoint Energy and has really made an impact with their co-workers. In a world where the average worker only spends 4 years on the job, Vinny has surpassed most, doing so with a smile on his face, and hospitality that is second to none.

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The Direction "KENTUCKY LAKE WITH A LEGEND" -- Around the bass fishing community, Kentucky Lake is known for its incredible fishing, and one angler who calls Kentucky Lake home has become as well known as the lake itself. Terry Bolton has risen through the professional fishing ranks, with over $ 1 million dollars in career earnings. This Kentucky native has seen more than half of his top-10 finishes come from the legendary ledges at Kentucky and Barkley lakes. He has also done well at the Forrest Wood Cup, finishing in the top 10 several times. Bolton has fished the FLW Tour, FLW Series, EverStart Series, and BFL tournaments throughout his career. Mark Stowe is going to spend a few days learning some winter bass fishing techniques with Terry, and may even pick up a few new ways to catch crappie.

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The Direction "SHEEPSHEAD SHOWDOWN" -- It’s no secret that Florida has one of the richest fisheries in the country, if not the entire world. When the rest of the country is hunkered down for the cold winter, Florida still shines as a top destination for those who are wanting to grab a rod and reel and feel a fish tugging the line. Mark Stowe and Misty Wise of SC811 hop in the boat with FireDrill Charters to target some of the inshore species that Florida has to offer. When Misty is in the boat, you are sure to have some good laughs, but there’s also a good chance that she is going to take home the award for most and biggest fish of the day.

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The Direction “BROTHERS IN BASS”

The Direction "BROTHERS IN BASS" -- True best friends are hard to come by in life. Especially the ones that stick with you for nearly a lifetime. Sometimes they are found in your family, but other times, your passions bring you to people who are like-minded. This is how Mark Stowe and Brian Estridge met, at the boat ramp. They have fished tournaments together for longer than their kids have been alive, and are “thick as thieves” so to speak. For the first time, Mark convinced Brian to come out and film a show with him, all the while catching a ton of crappie on their home lake of Taylorsville Lake. There is no telling how many fish these two have caught together, but one thing is for sure, they are sure to have a good time, anytime they step foot in the same boat.

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The Direction "FROZEN WATER FAMILY FISHING" -- For the last several years, Mark Stowe and The Direction crew have headed another to Michigan during the dead of winter to go ice fishing. The crew has fallen in love with the whole thing and decided that this year they needed to bring the whole family up and experience “life in the shanty” for a few days. From an ice fishing tournament to first fish through the ice, the Stowe family has some great new memories together on Grand Lake in Northern Michigan.

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The Direction "SERVING THOSE WHO SERVED" -- Each year the United States celebrates those who sacrificed protecting and serving this country so that we can enjoy our freedoms and live our lives as we choose. Host Mark Stowe and friends Wes Thomas and Terry McWilliams take a couple of those veterans for a day on the water that no one will soon forget. Presented by Indiana 811.

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The Direction "FISHING WITH NORDBYE" -- Lake Guntersville in Alabama is no doubt one of the most renowned bass fisheries in the country but it is also home to one of the fastest growing online fishing content creators. Host Mark Stowe spends a couple of days with Andrew Nordbye who is quickly becoming a household name in the online fishing world and Mark learns the ins and outs of what it takes to create online video content but also how to catch this legendary largemouth bass on Guntersville. Presented by Alabama 811.

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