Predator Quest “Calf Killer? No More”

Predator Quest "Calf Killer? No More" -- Several informative hunts on this Episode of Predator Quest Les is mobile…meaning sometimes whenever he can not see a coyote but his brother can Les has to be agile enough to get up sneak and then make the shot on a coyote that is trying to slip back out unscathed. Fun episode that ends with a pair of coyotes that were called and shot right near a cow that had just had a calf. Let’s Get To CALLIN

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Predator Quest “Calling around the Wintering Whitetail”

Predator Quest "Calling around the Wintering Whitetail" -- This episode kicks off with a stand that was brutally cold and occurred right near the whitetail deer that were hunkered into the thick cedar draws. Other Coyotes with tips and tactics were called during this episode where you are sure to learn a thing or two from Les! Let’s Get To CALLIN!!!

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Predator Quest “Coyote Playing Peek a Boo”

Predator Quest "Coyote Playing Peek a Boo" -- Jeff captured great footage of a coyote that I could not see due to a rise in the terrain between me and the coyote. At least until I was able to get up and make the shotgun shot. Plus many other coyotes getting called missed and shot. Let’s Get To CALLIN!

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Predator Quest “Deer Killers that Kill No More”

Predator Quest "Deer Killers that Kill No More" -- Numerous successful stands made on this episode of Predator Quest. Big ol coyotes that were up to no good were targeted. The culmination of the Episode ends with a big male coyote the succumbs to the prey distress and dies right where he partook in the killing of a young whitetail buck! Let’s Get To CALLIN!!!

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