The Journey Within – A Bird Hunter’s Diary

Mark Peterson, host of "Expedition Series" and "Triple Threat", is excited to release this free-to-watch digital series, “The Journey Within - a bird hunter’s diary” which chronicles his self imposed quest to hunt 27 different Upland Birds across 10 states and 3 countries. In this mini-series, Mark hunts the best Upland habitat across the United States as well as Mexico and Canada. Follow along on Mark’s journey to be the first to capture the Upland Slam on film in one season.

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The Challenge

In 2004 Scott Carroll and Brad Frost created Archery Adventures LLC as a Video Production Company. Scott and Brad both shared an obsession with hunting and were already filming their hunts to share with their friends and family. Their vision was to produce high-quality hunting videos of their expeditions as well as inform and encourage others to enjoy the hunting life style. Scott and Brad partnered with Greg Conkel of Higher Frequency Productions to create, edit and produce a video series of their hunts. Then in 2008 they decided to broaden the scope of their shows to television and created “The Challenge.”

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N.onT.ypical Outdoorsman TV

N.onT.ypical Outdoorsman TV is a nationally syndicated outdoor television show that promotes inclusion, hunting, and outdoor diversity. Host Eric Morris is an outdoor writer, speaker, hunter education instructor, and outdoor television personality.

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Dog Soldier

From humble beginnings and the dirt in the southern wind, a soldier was born. When other kids thought bungee jumping or snow boarding were extreme sports, there was a young man that saw things differently. With years of trusting instincts and studying his quarry with due diligence, a soldier rose up to the top of the food chain, he is the Dog Soldier, he is Steve Criner. Steve Criner's Dog Soldier TV brings you outdoor reality television like you have never seen before. With brutal honesty and humble character, Dog Soldier TV will take you on an exciting quest, as Steve Criner pursues the many predatory species of North America. Turn on...Tune In...Get Hooked!

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Bring the Heat

The series follows some of the best outdoor televisions personalities on earth. Tom Schaal listened to the biggest complaint on the web about how viewers hated all the commercials currently in outdoor-related shows, so he created a show that was commercial-free and action-packed from beginning to end.

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Within Range

Daniel and Ashley are passionate about whitetail hunting. Even when the season is over they are out there prepping for the next year. They are showing the realities of whitetail hunting specializing in the Southeast.

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The Ultimate Hunt

The Ultimate Hunt is the first TV show of its kind dedicated to telling the stories of our veteran heroes without dedicated hosts, while raising funds for OATH, Inc. and enjoying the great outdoors.

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