Gunwerks Long Range “Ibex Escalation”

Gunwerks Long Range "Ibex Escalation" -- One of the few places you can hunt Ibex in this hemisphere is the Florida Mountains in New Mexico. Gunwerks Gunner Landon Michaels is one of the lucky few to draw the tag. These incredibly steep mountains pose a massive challenge when it comes to actually getting an Ibex within range.

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Gunwerks Long Range “A Twist of Fate”

Gunwerks Long Range "A Twist of Fate" -- Mike Davidson dreams of monster mule deer. He and long time hunting buddy Jeremy Winters have an opportunity to hunt eastern Wyoming with legitimate expectations to find a 200 incher in the sage brush breaks of the powder river. A real twist leads to an unexpected conclusion for both Mike and Jeremy.

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Gunwerks Long Range “11th Year 11th Hour – Hawks Wyoming Elk”

Gunwerks Long Range "11th Year 11th Hour - Hawks Wyoming Elk" -- Garrett affectionately known as Hawk by his younger brother who joins him on this hunt has waited 11 years to draw a Wyoming Elk Tag. After the long wait hes not about to go home without looking over his options. Tune in to see what the 11th hour of this hunt hold for ol Hawk.

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