Final Descent Outdoors “Mexico Muleys”

Final Descent Outdoors "Mexico Muleys" -- Host Brad Clay along with staffers Jonathan Stinson and Brandon Riley are headed to Old Mexico in the Sonora Desert to chase mule deer with Sonoras Premier Outfitters. This is one of our favorite hunts we do every year. Great food, great people, and great hunting! Tune in for some great hunting acCon south of the border!

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Final Descent Outdoors “Bloodline”

Final Descent Outdoors "Bloodline" -- Pro staffer Paul Powers has developed a reputation for being a big buck killer. With multiple Boone and Crockett bucks Paul hopes to share that same passion with his daughter and twin boys. After spending lots of time getting his kids in the deer woods Paul manages to find time to hunt a giant 8pt in Oklahoma with his bow. Action packed episode you do not want to miss!

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Final Descent Outdoors “Bucket List Bull”

Final Descent Outdoors "Bucket List Bull" -- Host Brad Clay has always had a dream of taking a big bull elk with his bow. This week he is in New Mexico trying to make that dream a reality! He is joined by good friend George Moore whom is also after a bull of his own. Can they both get it done in the same week? Tune in to find out!

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Final Descent Outdoors “Homestead Hunting”

Final Descent Outdoors "Homestead Hunting" -- This week we are Homestead Hunting! Pro staffer Daniel Arms is hunting whitetail on the Arms Family Homestead in Oklahoma. Daniel is trying to get his son Houston and his daughter EmmaLee on bucks all while trying to harvest an Oklahoma bruiser with his PSE bow. Can the Arms Family make this a dream season on the homestead? Tune in to find out!

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Final Descent Outdoors “Bad Luck Brad”

Final Descent Outdoors "Bad Luck Brad" -- Host Brad Clay starts his season with some bad luck chasing speed goats in Wyoming. He is hoping to change his luck in North Carolina chasing black bears few weeks later with the guys from Thorn Broadheads. They assure him they got a ton of bears and he should have no problem arrowing one! Will Brads bad luck continue? Tune in to find out!

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Final Descent Outdoors “Kids Zone”

Final Descent Outdoors "Kids Zone" -- One of our favorite episodes we do every year is our youth episode! This episode is full of kids hunting action but do not let that fool you some big bucks hit the ground in this one! Tune in and see some action packed hunting from the next generation of hunters.

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Final Descent Outdoors “Stingray Bay”

Final Descent Outdoors "Stingray Bay" -- We head to Tampa Bay, Florida with twisted Limbs bow fishing to get after some stingray on the sand bars. Then we take our stingray we fish for and cook it in one of the best meals of our lives at H’ours Creole smokehouse in Tarpon Springs. Don’t miss this one!

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Final Descent Outdoors “Team Effort”

Final Descent Outdoors "Team Effort" -- Staffer Paul Powers and Johnny Maxwell are all about growing big bucks in south central Oklahoma that has produced multiple boomers the last few years Along with buddy Trent Parrish the trio are some giant bucks This episode is packed with monster Oklahoma whitetail Dont miss it

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