DeerTopia “Pre-season Reminders”

DeerTopia "Pre-season Reminders" -- There is a lot of down time between each hunting season. So much down time that we may need to freshen up our minds before the next adventure. Steve Bartylla gives us a few friendly reminders for a successful season to come.

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DeerTopia “Food Strategies What to Plant”

DeerTopia "Food Strategies What to Plant" -- If youve ever had to feed kids you know they are some of the most pickiest eaters.Whitetail deer are no different! Planting the right food on your plots is key to attracting healthy deer as well as maintaining your plot for the following seasons to come. Steve Bartylla gives us the dos and donts!

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DeerTopia “Hunt with the Seasons”

DeerTopia "Hunt with the Seasons" -- Every second spent outside of the blind or stand could be used to further your preparation for next season. In this episode of Deertopia we get advice from industry professional, Steve Bartylla on how to hunt the seasons!

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DeerTopia “What your Property has to Offer”

What your Property has to Offer DeerTopia There is so much more to your property than what youve put there. Before you even started working that land it came with an abundance of natural resources that can be effective in attracting deer. Steve Bartylla gives us expert tips on making the most out of [...]

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DeerTopia “Invasive Species”

Invasive Species DeerTopia Healthy forage for whitetails is most effective when it gets to do its job, however, invasive species can prevent your food sources from doing what they should. Expert land manager, Steve Bartylla takes us through the steps of removing these hiccups in the land.

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DeerTopia “Why Here? Strategic Stand Placement”

Why Here? Strategic Stand Placement DeerTopia There is always so much to consider when putting a blind or a stand up on a property. Which direction should it face, how high should it be, where are the deer moving? DeerTopia host, Steve Bartylla goes over anything and everything in regards to where to place [...]

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DeerTopia “The Scent Game”

The Scent Game DeerTopia Every hunter knows that a whitetails sense of smell should never be underestimated. Even the slightest mistake can be crucial to whether or not you tag out. Steve Bartylla gives us expert advice on multiple different ways we can mask our scent as hunters.

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DeerTopia “Screening and Property Layout”

Screening and Property Layout DeerTopia Youve acquired some land, youre probably wondering how you can make the most effective hunting ground with the land you posses. DeerTopia host, Steve Bartylla goes through everything you need to know about making a whitetail sanctuary.

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