Carnivore “Too Hog to Handle”

Too Hog to Handle Carnivore Carnivore host Gary Roberson loads up with Mossy Oak Properties Rez Bumpas "The Hog Master" for what starts out as a leisurely hog hunt. They quickly find themselves invading the space of massive swine with bad attitudes and no mercy.

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Carnivore “Lost Tapes Pt. 2”

Lost Tapes Pt. 2 Carnivore Carnivore host Gary Roberson and his son Steve continue their look at incredible predator hunting footage from videotapes found in an old storage room. This is the second part of the archives of predator hunting.

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Carnivore “In the Footsteps”

In the Footsteps Carnivore Carnivore host Gary Roberson discovers he's been hunting the same New Mexico ranch as one of the most famous American photographers who ever lived. Separated by many decades, they shared the same views and both grew to love one special ranch.

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Carnivore “Lost Tapes Part 1”

Lost Tapes Part 1 Carnivore Carnivore host Gary Roberson Finds a box of old predator hunting video tapes, filled with rare footage of exceptional hunts from more than a decade ago. It's Carnivore's "Lost Tapes" Part One.

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Carnivore “End of an Era in the Desert”

End of an Era in the Desert Carnivore Carnivore host Gary Roberson returns to his lease in the West Texas Desert one final time to call foxes, a place he's hunted for more than two decades and shot dozens of television shows and DVD's. A bittersweet end to an old cabin and a remote [...]

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