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Sx decoys are the highest quality decoys ever built. Superior paint adhesion, the toughest plastic on the market, and quality paint schemes.


SX Decoys TV “Snow Birds”

SX Decoys TV "Snow Birds" -- With the border open and geese a plenty the SX Decoys crew heads north to Canada to kick off the season.

SX Decoys TV “Snovember”

SX Decoys TV "Snovember" -- As the migration pushes south the SX Decoys crew works their way from Canada through the Dakotas and down into Texas.

SX Decoys TV “October Skies”

SX Decoys TV "October Skies" -- As the days shorten and the temps drop the SX Decoys crew experiences some stellar October hunts and bumps along the road.

SX Decoys TV “Leg Bands”

SX Decoys TV "Leg Bands" -- September prairies are thick with migrating birds as the SX Decoys crew adds some more jewelry to their collection.

SX Decoys TV “On The Deck”

SX Decoys TV "On The Deck" -- With October winding down in Saskatchewan the SX Decoys crew hangs on for a solid migration finale.

SX Decoys TV “Seasons”

Seasons SX Decoys TV Host Scott Butz joins the Tejas Waterfowl crew as they tackle goose and crane season.

SX Decoys TV “Borders”

Borders SX Decoys TV Host Scott Butz and crew chase ducks and geese across borders throughout North America.

SX Decoys TV “Tactics”

Tactics SX Decoys TV Host Scott Butz joins the Swift River crew in Saskatchewan and discusses tactics for hunting snow geese.

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