Back in 2008, a group of guys formed Struttinbuck (SB). Along the way, team members were added, animal harvests were filmed using an artist eye, and a heritage of the outdoors was formulated. The local television show gained unprecedented momentum, specifically in their home state of Arkansas. Fan support is the driving force for their evolution. SB creatively captures each hunt, providing their viewers with an in-depth, “right there with you” feel. The crew takes pride in their “do-it-yourself” hunts generated from privately owned, leased or state properties. In 2012, Struttinbuck started airing its episodes on the Pursuit Channel. Heath Graham, Brandon Hunt and Matt Cowell are trifecta effect regarding the television show’s visionary, media production and marketing outcomes. All three are avid hunters with down-home personalities. Graham’s is owner and operator of The Southface Media Group, Inc., the company responsible for producing SB, which show cases his creative gifts. Hunt is known for capturing intriguing imagery and compliments Graham on the management side. Cowell oversees the all marketing/public relations aspects and contributes an edgy style in his works. The group attributes a large portion of their success to creating partnerships with companies whom enjoy working closely to keep the outdoor industry informed, inspired, competitive and comfortable.


Struttinbuck “First Time Hunter in Illinois”

Struttinbuck "First Time Hunter in Illinois" -- Matt Cowell has two sons that are anxious to get in the deer woods this year. Mason is looking to fill his second tag in two years and his little brother is looking for his first!

Struttinbuck “The Hoolio Buck”

Struttinbuck "The Hoolio Buck" -- Heath is in his home state of Arkansas hunting deer on his personal farm with the family. With a couple of specific target deer, they spend multiple days in the stand.

Struttinbuck “Hunting with the Hunts”

Struttinbuck "Hunting with the Hunts" -- Brandon is doing his best to shake the bad luck from last years bow season in Arkansas and Ohio. Once gun season opens in Arkansas he passes the torch to his youngest daughter Reese in hopes of tagging her first racked buck!

Struttinbuck “Newfoundland Pt. 1”

Struttinbuck "Newfoundland Pt. 1" -- Clede and his buddy Josh Ishmael from Flatlanders TV head up to Newfoundland on Cledes annual big game hunt. Josh is up to bat first and has his a caribou and moose tag in his pocket!

Struttinbuck “First Deer in Illinois”

Struttinbuck "First Deer in Illinois" -- Mason Cowell is after his first deer in the state of Illinois. After getting the stage set and a mishap early he finally connects with his dad by his side!

Struttinbuck “Bow Hunting the Natural State”

Struttinbuck "Bow Hunting the Natural State" -- Brandon Hunt is hunting his home state of Arkansas with his Xpedition in hand. The opportunities are plentiful but Brandon can not seem to catch a break. After Brandons hunts SB editor Matt Covington connects on his biggest buck with a bow.

Struttinbuck “New Arkansas Farm Produces”

Struttinbuck "New Arkansas Farm Produces" -- Heath Graham and his family take their new piece of ground from cattle pastures to a whitetail hotspot. Gavin breaks the ice on opening day of bow season and then Heath keeps the ball rolling all year long.

Struttinbuck “Elk Madness in New Mexico”

Struttinbuck "Elk Madness in New Mexico" -- Clede Spooner heads back to New Mexico looking for redemption after last years mishaps. After a few days behind the camera he has the opportunity he has been waiting for.

Struttinbuck “Velvet Whitetails in the Bluegrass State”

Struttinbuck "Velvet Whitetails in the Bluegrass State" -- Brandon Hunt and Clede Spooner head to Kentucky to chase early season whitetails at North Fork Outfitters. Clede returns later in the year to close the deal on his biggest buck in the Bluegrass State.

Struttinbuck “Texas Exotics”

Struttinbuck "Texas Exotics" -- Clede Spooner heads down to Texas to take advantage of their year-round exotic hunting opportunities.

Struttinbuck “Turkey Time Pt 2”

Struttinbuck "Turkey Time Pt 2" -- Longtime friend of the show, Kenneth Lancaster, heads off on an annual turkey tour across multiple states chasing long beards.

Struttinbuck “New Mexico Elk”

New Mexico Elk Struttinbuck Matt and Clede conclude their Western hunts in New Mexico. Clede has a muzzleloader tag in his pocket and is looking for redemption.

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