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Sportsman’s Journal TV has been a syndicated television program throughout the Midwest for the past 19 years with the sole purpose to educate and inform our viewers on an array of freshwater fishing locations and techniques.


Sportsman’s Journal TV “Puppet Minnow Walleyes”

Sportsman's Journal TV "Puppet Minnow Walleyes" -- Locating and catching scattered Walleyes in the late summer early fall period can be a difficult task. Having a presentation that can be fished fast and aggressive such as the Northland Tackle Puppet Minnow can be a game changer!

Sportsman’s Journal TV “Transition Crappies”

Sportsman's Journal TV "Transition Crappies" -- The Fall period is a time of transition for all fish species. Finding and catching crappies can be a difficult task during this time but being mobile and having the right presentation can make all the difference!

Sportsman’s Journal TV “Eyes in the Trees”

Sportsman's Journal TV "Eyes in the Trees" -- One of the most overlooked spring time structure for holding walleyes is downed trees. Tyler and Sara explain why you should never let a good tree go unfished!

Sportsman’s Journal TV “Match the Hatch”

Sportsman's Journal TV "Match the Hatch" -- The SJTV crews heads up to fish at Tamarack Island Wilderness Lodge on Lake of the Woods. Their arrival coincides with the annual mayfly hatch.

Sportsman’s Journal TV “Wisconsin Largies”

Sportsman's Journal TV "Wisconsin Largies" -- Being versatile in your approach early in the season is the name of the game. This is especially true when fish are tight to structure and in skinny water. Using the proper soft-bodied jerk baits can be the difference-maker.

Sportsman’s Journal TV “Skinny Water Crappies”

Sportsman's Journal TV "Skinny Water Crappies" -- When Crappies are in shallow water finding a presentation that can fall slowly and stay in the fishs strike zone is a tough challenge.Tyler and Sara show you their secret technique for Skinny Water Crappies!

Sportsman’s Journal TV “Late Season Lakers”

Sportsman's Journal TV "Late Season Lakers" -- Tyler and Sara target late season lake trout before the spawn. Vertical jigging transition areas from main lake basins to spawning areas in crucial to finding big fish!

Sportsman’s Journal TV “Crankn Smallmouth”

Crankn Smallmouth Sportsman's Journal TV Join Tyler and Sara as they target mid summer smallmouth bass with Bagleys crank baits! Not all crank baits are created equally, so knowing which to use and when [...]

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