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Sporting Life Retriever TV is an unscripted lifestyle series showcasing the life of one of the Nation’s top trainers and breeders of British and Irish Labradors. The season begins with the introduction of Marty Roberts and his 12 year old stud lab, Harvey, who will retire after this season. You will also learn about David, the head trainer and Marty’s right hand man along with his dog, Joe. Follow Marty on his journeys throughout the hunting season as well as the lifestyle of the other owners and dogs that have been bred through Sporting Life Kennels and continue the traditional being the finest gun dogs from the south.It’s all part of the Sporting Life.


Sporting Life Retriever TV “Legacy”

Legacy Sporting Life Retriever TV A Story of Clark Kennington and his dog “Max” and how his life was changed because of their relationship. Max started a legacy of three generations of champion retrievers. [...]

Sporting Life Retriever TV “Preacher Goes North”

Preacher Goes North Sporting Life Retriever TV Marty’s dog Preacher travels to Canada to help his good friend Brennan Hudson as he begins his new outfitting business. Brennan had suffered a tragic fall years [...]