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SportingDog Adventures stays true to its mission of providing family-friendly entertainment by literally involving the entire Fuller family on-air. In addition to the family’s dogs, both Jeff’s wife Kate and his three boys contribute to nearly every episode, participating in hunts, learning conservation tips, cooking up the latest quarry, and of course, working with the dogs. In addition to providing business management to both Soggy Acres Retrievers and SportingDog Adventures, Kate is a new hunter and a life-long dog enthusiast that viewers can follow as she masters new hunting challenges and dishes on ladies-related issues in the Ladies Corner segments. The Fuller boys, Clayton, Cole, and Cal, capture the attention of the youngest viewers and aim to encourage other youngsters to get out in the field. When not hunting, the entire family can be found food plotting, fishing, or (unfortunately) cleaning kennels!


Sporting Dog Adventures “It’s Raining Waterfowl”

It's Raining Waterfowl Sporting Dog Adventures Nothing compares to the great action of a Canada waterfowl hunt. With the season nearing its close, the SportingDog crew, the dogs of Soggy Acres, and viewers alike [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “Mud & Snows”

Mud & Snows Sporting Dog Adventures Dog versatility is the name of the game as the SportingDog crew starts out on a duck hunt at the Soggy Acres Signature Lodge and then heads off [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “Bucks & Ducks”

Bucks & Ducks Sporting Dog Adventures Join Clayton Fuller on his quest to finally take his first buck at Soggy Acres Signature Lodge. Follow him through archery and firearm season as he tries to [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “Kansas Knockdown”

Kansas Knockdown Sporting Dog Adventures The rooster action continues at Flint Oaks in Kansas! Jeff, Clayton and Callahan Fuller are back out in Kansas enjoying the chase and working the dogs of Soggy Acres [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “Duck, Duck, Goose”

Duck, Duck, Goose Sporting Dog Adventures This week, the SportingDog crew lives the waterfowler’s dream, downing geese and ducks in beautiful Saskatchewan. Canada never disappoints, keeping busy both hunter and dog alike with a [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “Flyway Extremes”

Flyway Extremes Sporting Dog Adventures The SDA crew hunts ‘em up down south in the heat of Louisiana, to the north at the Soggy Acres Signature Lodge in Central Wisconsin. The show wraps things [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “Missouri Mega Blind”

Missouri Mega Blind Sporting Dog Adventures The hunt for ducks starts in southern Missouri in a mega blind that’s the stuff of waterfowl dreams. When the hunting stalls, better birds are just a few [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “Flint Oak Upland”

Flint Oak Upland Sporting Dog Adventures Join Jeff Fuller, along with his sons Clayton and Callahan, and the dogs of Soggy Acres Retrievers as they travel to Flint Oak Hunting Resort in Kansas for [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “Hot & Hevi”

Hot & Hevi Sporting Dog Adventures It’s the Wisconsin Waterfowl Opener, and Jeff Fuller, along with family and clients, heads out to Soggy Acres Signature Lodge in Central Wisconsin. Pickett works waterfowl in the [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “Stuck In The Rut”

Stuck In The Rut Sporting Dog Adventures At the peak of the rut, Jeff Fuller heads out to the fields and swamps of Soggy Acres Signature Lodge in pursuit of mature whitetail bucks. He [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “King Eider”

King Eider Sporting Dog Adventures Brad Heidel, Kevin Turner, Bill Jones and Jeff’s dog Pickett travel to Maine on a bucket list hunt for any waterfowler! The crew enjoys sea duck hunting as well [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “Season 8 Arrives”

Season 8 Arrives Sporting Dog Adventures Season 8 has arrived! The first hunt of the year takes the SportingDog crew to Saskatchewan where the waterfowl action is always hot. Jeff Fuller has Pickett in [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “Memories”

Memories Sporting Dog Adventures Join the Sporting Dog Adventures crew as we recap some of the seasons highlights. We will also pay a final tribute to one of the original Soggy dogs, Miss Dixie [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “Big Dog Wingshooting”

Big Dog Wingshooting Sporting Dog Adventures Jeff Fuller and his dog Pickett join the Big Dog Mower crew on their annual Dealer Appreciation Hunt in Central Kansas. Bird numbers boggle the mind as they [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “Kansas On My Mind”

Kansas On My Mind Sporting Dog Adventures Brad Heidel, wife Karen, and their Lab Berger have success chasing roosters and quail in the great state of Kansas. Multiple breeds of hunting dogs take to [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “Alberta Adventure”

Alberta Adventure Sporting Dog Adventures Jeff Fuller and calling legend Rod Haydel head out to the fields near Edmonton, Alberta, for some great duck and goose hunting. Geese in the morning and ducks in [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “Montana Ghost”

Montana Ghost Sporting Dog Adventures Kevin Turner hunts an elusive monster mule deer in the hills of Northeastern Montana. We also travel to Wisconsin for a youth deer hunt with Callahan Fuller and shed [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “It’s Raining Waterfowl”

It's Raining Waterfowl Sporting Dog Adventures Jeff Fuller heads to Alberta, Canada, for an action-packed waterfowl hunt. Always one of the Crew’s most productive hunts, ducks and geese rain from the sky and keep [...]

Sporting Dog Adventures “Kansas Cackling”

Kansas Cackling Sporting Dog Adventures Brad Heidel of IHEA, his wife Karen, and Season 6 social media contest winner Aaron Esquibel head to Kansas for some upland action. Catch Brad’s dog, Berger, a born [...]