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Are you obsessed? Is hunting all you think about? This is who we are…Sick For The Hunt!


Sick For The Hunt “The Martin Slam”

The Martin Slam Sick For The Hunt The host of PWSFTH is taking us through some years of his whitetail career in his home state of Ohio and North Dakota. [...]

Sick For The Hunt “Hawkeye Whitetails”

Hawkeye Whitetails Sick For The Hunt Josh Martin heads over to the Hawkeye state of Iowa to film team members Tegan and Terry Sivertson as they try to fill their Iowa muzzleloader tags. [...]

Sick For The Hunt “Luck of the Draw”

Luck of the Draw Sick For The Hunt Team member Conner Brown hunts his home state of Montana for giant mule deer. He's done his homework on this one. All his hit listers come [...]

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