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CVA presents Shoot Straight with Chad Schearer is a new and progressive hunting show. 
Each week the Schearer family will hunt with a variety of weapons from archery, muzzleloader and shotgun to centerfire rifles in destinations around the world. This show will not only focus on the hunt but will be filled with educational tips to make the viewers better sportsmen and sportswomen.


Shoot Straight TV “Texas Time”

Texas Time Shoot Straight TV This week Shoot Straight is heading to the Lone Star State with Harrison Hunting Outfitters for hogs, whitetails, and the ribeyes of the sky.

Shoot Straight TV “Week 8 Spain Ibex Part 2”

Spain Ibex Part 2 Shoot Straight TV This week Chad and Walker are back in Spain hunting for Ibex with special guest, outdoor writer, Jeff Johnston. Join Marsha for a delicious new recipe "Marsha's [...]

Shoot Straight TV “Week 4 Paramount Pronghorns”

Paramount Pronghorns Shoot Straight TV The Schearer team is heading to Wyoming with CVA's new long-range Paramount muzzleloader. Join them and their special guests as they hunt Wyoming. Chad takes his longest shot with [...]

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