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We are a family oriented hunting show based out of NC.  Watch as the Rut Life TV crew goes after large NC whitetails.  Our show is based upon faith, family and friends passing down the tradition of hunting from generation to generation.  We often self-film as well as team up to film our hunts. All our hunts are fair chase.


Rut Life “Switching Gears”

Switching Gears Rut Life Watch as a huge NC whitetail buck is taken in late archery followed by one of our female Prostaffers taking her first-ever whitetail buck with a muzzleloader while self-filming. [...]

Rut Life “The Tale of Debo”

The Tale of Debo Rut Life Watch as Co-host Jeremy Bullock takes his largest whitetail to date, a 23” wide NC whitetail, then he guides his stepson on his first-ever whitetail hunt. [...]

Rut Life “Young Guns”

Young Guns Rut Life Two of our other Junior Prostaffers each take a nice NC buck in early season archery.

Rut Life “Finishing Strong”

Finishing Strong Rut Life Watch as one of our female Prostaffers takes a large NC 7 pointer followed by Co-host Chris Walters finishing 2018 by taking a nice NC 8 pointer. [...]

Rut Life “Early Season”

Early Season Rut Life Our youngest Junior Prostaffer and one of our lady Prostaffers each take nice bucks in early NC archery season.

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