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Road trip with teachers, Nick, and Brian in their 1968 drop top Cadillac. Touring Americana like you’ve never seen before. This duo takes you along for the ride as they get up close and personal with the awesome people and places that make this nation rock. Among the many locations, RTM explores this season are Ashtabula County, OH, Lake Lure, NC, Rome, GA and Morgantown, WV.


Road Trip Masters “Lehigh Valley, PA”

Lehigh Valley, PA Road Trip Masters The boys are traveling home to where they live and ready to tell you all about their hometown area...the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania! (2018) [...]

Road Trip Masters “Rome, GA”

Rome, GA Road Trip Masters Southern hospitality is still alive and well as the boys roll into Rome, Georgia…the town that was built on top of a town! Join Brian and Nick as they [...]

Road Trip Masters “Lake Lure, NC”

Lake Lure, NC Road Trip Masters What happens when plans fall through on a road trip? You readjust your schedule and end up in Lake Lure, North Carolina! Travel with Nick and Brian as [...]

Road Trip Masters “Pigeon Forge, TN”

Pigeon Forge, TN Road Trip Masters Roll with Brian and Nick as they explore Pigeon Forge’s origins and take in the historic downtown. It’s back to school for the boys in the Smokey Mountains [...]

Road Trip Masters “Williamsburg, VA”

Williamsburg, VA Road Trip Masters Brian and Nick are on a mission to discover another side of Williamsburg, Virginia. Road trip with them as they hit the waterways where Captain John Smith sailed and [...]

Road Trip Masters “Morgantown, WV”

Morgantown, WV Road Trip Masters Brian and Nick hit the open road and this time to Morgantown, West Virginia…home of the Mountaineers! Travel with them as they experience everything from smoking whiskey drinks to [...]

Road Trip Masters “Ashtabula County, OH”

Ashtabula County, OH Road Trip Masters The power of email! Nick and Brian head off to Ashtabula County, Ohio to follow up on a fan email where they find out what bourbon barrel maple [...]

Road Trip Masters “Rutland, VT”

Rutland, VT Road Trip Masters The boys are off riding drop top in the 1968 Cadillac and this time to the “Marble City” Rutland, Vermont! Join them as they explore the Red Rose Inn, [...]

Road Trip Masters “Hunter/Tannersville, NY”

Hunter/Tannersville, NY Road Trip Masters Ahhh…The Catskill Mountains…Brian and Nick take the 68 Caddy up to Hunter and Tannersville, New York where they overcome their fear of heights. Then it’s off to experience classic [...]

Road Trip Masters “Brattleboro, VT”

Brattleboro, VT Road Trip Masters Brian and Nick take the Caddy up to Brattleboro, Vermont where they experience a true farm to table restaurant. They also stop by and visit a unique brewery, chow [...]