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Hosted By Producer Brett Surplus, along with Jim Gaffaney and Stephen Johnson. The Personal stories of Real People who have over come a tragedy or accident in life and set out with the Crew of Reel Sportsman to bring inspiring stories.


Reel Sportsman “Memory Lane”

Memory Lane Reel Sportsman Country Music Artist Bryan White stops in for a little one on one with Executive Producer Brett Surplus, then Special Guest Dwain Scott joins his nephew Brett and Reel Sportsman [...]

Reel Sportsman “Between 2 Countries”

Between 2 Countries Reel Sportsman After years of helping the US-led Coalition during the Iraq War, 2 Iraqi interpreters must leave there lives behind in a war torn country to start over. Raised as [...]

Reel Sportsman “Hindsights 20/20 part 2”

Hindsights 20/20 part 2 Reel Sportsman The continuing story of Jade Harlow, a 13 yr old boy accidentally shot with a shotgun by his 15 yr old brother. Now blind with both eyes removed, [...]

Reel Sportsman “Hindsights 20/20”

Hindsights 20/20 Reel Sportsman The Reel Sportsman crew bring a 2 part episode about Jade Harlow, a 13 yr old boy who was accidentally shot in the head by his 15 yr old brother.The [...]

Reel Sportsman “I’m a Live-ly”

I'm a Live-ly Reel Sportsman A look into the history of deer hunting in the peach state while following DIY whitetail hunter, Tanner Edenfield as he goes after his biggest buck to date [...]

Reel Sportsman “For Life and Limb part 2”

For Life and Limb part 2 Reel Sportsman The Reel Sportsman crew continue there quest after the Giant Rainbow Trout that grow in Idaho's Lake Pend Orielle. This second part continues to bring bigger [...]

Reel Sportsman “For Life and Limb”

For Life and Limb Reel Sportsman The Premiere Episode of the Northwest's newest show. The reel sportsman crew set out with Tim Scott a double amputee that was injured while working for the railroad. [...]

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