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The Outdoor Dream Foundation grants outdoor adventures to children who have been diagnosed with a terminal or life-threatening illnesses. Outdoor Dream TV chronicles these adventures…telling the stories of these courageous kids, their remarkable families and the amazing volunteers that make the trips happen. Great hunting action combined with great stories. Sometimes heartbreaking, always inspirational, Outdoor Dream TV’s goal is to spread the word so that we can help more kids and add more donors and volunteers to this worthwhile cause.


Outdoor Dream TV “Elk, elk and more elk!”

Elk, elk and more elk! Outdoor Dream TV The Outdoor Dream Foundation is more than the once-in-a-lifetime trips often featured on the show. This episode highlights the full impact of the ODF. A young [...]

Outdoor Dream TV “Fiddleback Adventure”

Fiddleback Adventure Outdoor Dream TV On the Fiddleback Ranch (using a rifle named "Fiddleback") Nick Abrams has an amazing adventure hunting pronghorn and mule deer. Host Duaine Hagen is one of the ODF's oldest [...]

Outdoor Dream TV “Across Wyoming”

Across Wyoming Outdoor Dream TV Good guiding beats high winds as outfitter Tyler Sims finds a good pronghorn buck – then picks the right strategy to get his ODF kid Annie Horner a shot [...]

Outdoor Dream TV “Wyoming Safari”

Wyoming Safari Outdoor Dream TV ODF kid Deuce West battles freezing cold and elevation, but eventually gets a nice muley buck. After that, he experiences true western hunting on the open plains as he [...]

Outdoor Dream TV “Wyoming Pronghorn/Muley Combo”

Wyoming Pronghorn/Muley Combo Outdoor Dream TV Wyoming’s Fiddleback Ranch has been a partner with the ODF since the foundations early days. Usually, they lead their hunters to success thanks to ingenuity with portable blinds. [...]

Outdoor Dream TV “New Mexico Elk & Florida Turkey”

New Mexico Elk & Florida Turkey Outdoor Dream TV Great guiding, tremendous elk country, and wonderful people…that’s what you can expect when hunting with outfitter Carlton Armstrong. Year after year, he delivers – and [...]

Outdoor Dream TV “New Mexico Elk”

New Mexico Elk Outdoor Dream TV Start with a kid who clearly loves to hunt, add in tremendous elk-hunting country, plus a team of great guides dedicated to getting the job done, and you [...]