This is the story of our origins, the story of what fuels our passion for the outdoors and where it all began. During this captivating series host, Danny DeVries travels across the nation sharing the stories of outdoor enthusiasts and what has made them the ambassadors they are today. Working hard, making memories and passing on the spirit of the outdoors to the next generation is the heart and focus of this show. This exciting new televisions series captivates viewers and inspires them to get outside! Origins are more than just a TV show, its a way of life, and realizing when the dirt road ends the real adventure begins.


Origins “Woods County Whitetails”

Woods County Whitetails Origins This week Danny DeVries heads to Oklahoma to hunt witetail with the crew from TOW DAWG. Camping, hunting, fishing, outdoors, lifestyle, sports, adventure

Origins “Pre spawn bass fishing”

Pre spawn bass fishing Origins This Episode Danny DeVries heads on the water to show you how to target prespawn bass and get the most of your spring fishing! Sports, Hunting, Fishing, Outdoors, Camping, [...]

Origins “Blue Rooster”

Blue Rooster Origins This week, Danny and Kim DeVries head to the Blue rooster ranch in Arizona to hunt a painted desert ram and wild boar.

Origins “Uinta ELK”

Uinta ELK Origins This week Danny DeVries heads to Utah to chase Rockey Mountain Elk with the guys from SureCan.

Origins “Origins Ox Ranch PT 2”

Origins Ox Ranch PT 2 Origins Danny DeVries and Brad Ouderkirk continue the adventure on the ox ranch with some Hogs, Whitetail bucks, and some heavy artillery.

Origins “Origins Ox Ranch Part 1 (2017)”

Origins Ox Ranch Part 1 (2017) Origins Danny DeVries and Brad Ouderkirk head to the OX Ranch in Uvalde Texas to chase down some Texas Whitetail. Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Sports, Travel. [...]

Origins “Origins tomorrow Ranch TX”

Origins tomorrow Ranch TX Origins Danny DeVries heads to the 2Morrow Ranch in Texas to help manage the deer and hog population on the ranch. Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Sports.

Origins “Origins Saguaro 2017”

Origins Saguaro 2017 Origins Danny DeVries travels back to familiar waters to meet up with Crossed Industries owner, Dave Davis to target pre-spawn bass! Hunting, Fishing, Camping Sports.

Origins “Origins Colorado part 2 2017”

Origins Colorado part 2 2017 Origins Danny DeVries, Aaron Keisling, and Dzifa Glymin continue their pursuit of trophy tout with the trip coming to a close one angler catches their personal best! Hunting, Fishing, [...]

Origins “Origins the story of Andre”

Origins the story of Andre Origins Danny DeVries travels to San Diego to meet up with Andre Casey Smith and chase down some GIANT bass. Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Sports.