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Open Season TV travels the entire North American continent in search of the ultimate big game hunt! Tag along with our Pro-staff each week, as they traverse rugged and craggy mountain ranges and stalk through the fruited plains of the heartland, on a quest to bring you the very best hunting adventures possible! With our small town, family values, we pledge to bring you the very best outdoor experience captured on film. Our multiple camera approach makes you feel like you are right there in the middle of the hunt! All our hunts are 100% fair chase and we are dedicated to conservation, education and preservation of wildlife so that not only our children, but our children’s children will be able to enjoy Open Seasons!


Open Season TV “CO BOUND”

Open Season TV "CO BOUND" -- James meets back up with the Vannes boys in Colorado with Hell Creek Outfitters for Mule deer and Antelope.

Open Season TV “Vannes Elk”

Open Season TV "Vannes Elk" -- Mike and his son Micheas head out to New Mexico on a father son elk hunt in hopes of each bagging their first elk.

Open Season TV “Bendita Bucks”

Open Season TV "Bendita Bucks" -- On this episode on Open Season Chuck heads down to west Texas with the On the Road crew in hopes to rattle in some big white tails.


Open Season TV "SOONER BUCKS" -- ON this episode James heads out to Oklahoma with the Lundy brothers for their annual Texas/ Oklahoma whitetail hunt

Open Season TV “Sooner State Bucks”

Open Season TV "Sooner State Bucks" -- On this episode of open season James and good buddy J.C. Hall head out to their new lease in Oklahoma hoping to have success chasing big bucks in the sooner state.

Open Season TV “The season starts now”

Open Season TV "The season starts now" -- It’s that time of year as the guys head out to their lease in Indiana to prep for the upcoming whitetail season. Chuck and James share in their tips and tricks to getting after big bucks. The hunting tradition is carried on as good buddies Rusty and Adam share time in the stand with their sons hoping their hard work in the offseason will pay off.

Open Season TV “Gettin Western”

Open Season TV "Gettin Western" -- On this Episode Chuck and James head out to CO and WY after antelope and big mule deer. Things get a little wild out west and this is one you won’t want to miss.

Open Season TV “High Voltage”

Open Season TV "High Voltage" -- On this episode of Open Season Chuck and good buddy Rusty Jackson head out to high voltage outfitters in Colorado For the elk rut in search of big bulls and mule deer.

Open Season TV “New Bow Old Tricks”

Open Season TV "New Bow Old Tricks" -- On this episode of open season Chuck heads out to brabant lake outfitters in Saskatchewan Canada in search of big bears! Chuck puts xpeditions new line of cross bows to the test on his first big game hunt of the season. Stay tuned it’s open season in Saskatchewan.

Open Season TV “Indiana Whitetail Pt 1”

Indiana Whitetail Pt 1 Open Season TV On this episode of Open Season TV, we’re in our home state of Indiana chasing whitetails. Our good friend Chris Cobbett and his son Dylan are in [...]

Open Season TV “Indiana Whitetail Part 2”

Indiana Whitetail Part 2 Open Season TV On this episode of Open Season, All of our hard work in the off-season has paid off, and it’s time to enjoy watching our families get out [...]

Open Season TV “Family Tradition”

Family Tradition Open Season TV On this episode of Open Season our buddies Rusty Jackson, Adam Bush and Brian Clark of high voltage outfitters keep the hunting tradition alive as they take their kids [...]

Open Season TV “Oklahoma/Texas Whitetail”

Oklahoma/Texas Whitetail Open Season TV On this episode of Open Season James and the Lundy brothers head out to Oklahoma after some big whitetail deer. This property joins the Texas border so the guys [...]

Open Season TV “Colorado Elk/Mule Deer”

Colorado Elk/Mule Deer Open Season TV On this Episode of Open Season, Chuck heads out to the mountains of Colorado along with our friend Rock Bordelon and the On the Road Crew to chase [...]

Open Season TV “Bear With Me 2”

Bear With Me 2 Open Season TV On this Episode of Open Season Chuck and our buddy Mike Vannes head out to Brabant Lake Outfitters in Saskatchewan in search of some giant bear. This [...]

Open Season TV “Colorado 1”

Colorado 1 Open Season TV On this episode of Open Season Chuck, Rock, and Glenn head out to Colorado for a velvet Elk depredation hunt. Chuck returns back to Colorado in the spring to [...]

Open Season TV “Bear With Me”

Bear With Me Open Season TV On this episode of Open Season, Mike Vannes takes his son Micheas up to Manitoba for a father and son bear hunt. Then Chuck heads up north with [...]

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