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Open Season TV travels the entire North American continent in search of the ultimate big game hunt! Tag along with our Pro-staff each week, as they traverse rugged and craggy mountain ranges and stalk through the fruited plains of the heartland, on a quest to bring you the very best hunting adventures possible! With our small town, family values, we pledge to bring you the very best outdoor experience captured on film. Our multiple camera approach makes you feel like you are right there in the middle of the hunt! All our hunts are 100% fair chase and we are dedicated to conservation, education and preservation of wildlife so that not only our children, but our children’s children will be able to enjoy Open Seasons!


Open Season TV “North of the Border”

North of the Border Open Season TV James is fulfilling a lifelong dream of hunting In Saskatchewan Canada with the legendary Northway Outfitters for monster whitetail deer, and he is joined by one of [...]

Open Season TV “The Mountains Are Calling”

The Mountains Are Calling Open Season TV This week on Open Season TV, Chuck Paddock is hunting in Montana For Elk and Mule deer and things aren’t going as planned. But Brain Clark is [...]

Open Season TV “Hawkeye Hawgs”

Hawkeye Hawgs Open Season TV Chuck and James both head out to Iowa to hunt their lease with good friend and owner of Tactacam, Jeff Peel. It’s late muzzleloader season and the temperatures are [...]

Open Season TV “The Land Of Oz”

The Land Of Oz Open Season TV This week on Open Season TV, Chuck and Mike are headed to Kansas for the opening day of rifle season along with Rock and Steve of On [...]

Open Season TV “A Family Affair(open)”

A Family Affair(open) Open Season TV Rusty Jackson and Adam Bush are hunting their home farms in Kentucky, and Rusty is putting himself aside to make sure that his kids, Will and Jackson, and [...]

Open Season TV “Bang Stick Bucks”

Bang Stick Bucks Open Season TV This week on Open Season TV, James is hunting his home farm in Indiana trying to put a mature buck on the ground before Tony Smotherman of CVA [...]

Open Season TV “Buffalo Creek Whitetails”

Buffalo Creek Whitetails Open Season TV James is in Sweetwater Oklahoma hunting whitetails with Joel Alexander of Buffalo Creek Lodge and is joined by Heather Shepherd and Eric and Andy Lundy. It's Open Season [...]

Open Season TV “Dark Stashe Bear”

Dark Stashe Bear Open Season TV Chuck Paddock is in New Brunswick, Canada with Lawrence Dyer and Sons Outfitters hunting big northern Black Bear. Then, Eric and Andy Lundy are in Colorado at High [...]

Open Season TV “Bugling Bulls”

Bugling Bulls Open Season TV This week on Open Season TV, Rusty Jackson is in Colorado at High Voltage Outfitters with Bryan Clark chasing rutting bull elk with the bow before Chuck Paddock heads [...]

Open Season TV “Colorado Muley Mayhem”

Colorado Muley Mayhem Open Season TV This week on Open Season TV, Chuck is headed out to Colorado to hunt with Bryan Clark of High Voltage Outfitters along with the guys from On The [...]

Open Season TV “Speedy Speed Goats”

Speedy Speed Goats Open Season TV This week on Open Season TV Chuck is headed out to New Mexico to hunt antelope with his friends from On The Road and guide Dominick Chavez for [...]

Open Season TV “Pronghorn Madness”

Pronghorn Madness Open Season TV This week on Open Season TV, James heads out to hunt Antelope with New Mexico Hunting Adventures to chase a world-class speed goat! Then, James hits the road and [...]

Open Season TV “It’s Just Iowa”

It's Just Iowa Open Season TV This week on Open Season TV we are in Iowa with friends from red Rising TV and Tactacam and big bucks are hitting the ground in the Iowa [...]

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