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What do four men from northwest Louisiana have in common? Their love for the outdoors and passion to share their experiences with others. Old School Outdoors is more than a TV show to our hosts: Greg Hall, Dennis Branton, Hal Martin and Max Sharp, it’s a way of life!


Old School Outdoors “Wild Wild West”

Wild Wild West Old School Outdoors Beautiful scenery, rich tradition, and plentiful wildlife await Greg, Dennis, and friends at the Eaton Ranch in Wolf, Wyoming. Part 1

Old School Outdoors “Nothing Like Opening Day”

Nothing Like Opening Day Old School Outdoors All waterfowl hunters dream and think about Opening Day, this week we hit three states for their openers! Hal Martin, Max Sharp and special guest Colton Sanders [...]

Old School Outdoors “Leaving a Legacy”

Leaving a Legacy Old School Outdoors Its the annual trip for the Grandkids to head to the Double G Ranch, join along as Greg Hall and son David Hall pass on the Legacy. [...]

Old School Outdoors “Delta Waterfowl”

Delta Waterfowl Old School Outdoors Host Max Sharp and great friend Ken Lowery head to Manitoba to meet up with Delta Waterfowl for a few days of waterfowl action North of the border. [...]

Old School Outdoors “Oklahoma Management”

Oklahoma Management Old School Outdoors Greg Hall and Dennis Branton head to Choctaw Nation Lodge in Oklahoma to have a management hunt with Choctaw Nation Veterans. In this episode there is some great information [...]

Old School Outdoors “Turkey Slam”

Turkey Slam Old School Outdoors Greg Hall and Dennis Branton try their hand at completing the Slam. This episode they travel to Texas, Florida, Wyoming and Oklahoma!

Old School Outdoors “Mexico Ducks”

Mexico Ducks Old School Outdoors The OSO crew heads down to Wide Open Outfitters in Mexico to hunt divers on the coast. Also the guys take in some of the Mexican traditions. [...]

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