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Follow the MOJO Crew as they put their waterfowl hunting skills to the test as they travel to some of the world’s top waterfowling destinations. This is a “hands on” type of show where MOJO takes you with them to some of the great waterfowl game fields throughout the world, including their backyard which happens to be in the duck rich Mississippi River Delta of Louisiana. Along the way, they show you tips, techniques, equipment uses, and the latest MOJO Products.

Join Terry Denmon, Chuck Smart, and Mike Morgan as they try to help you learn everything they know about the sport they love. With a combined total of over 100 years of waterfowl hunting experience, Team MOJO can help make you a better duck hunter. Be sure to follow us each week and remember…”It Ain’t Magic, If It Ain’t MOJO.”


Mojo Migration “Mojo Goes on Safari”

Mojo Migration "Mojo Goes on Safari" -- Hall of Fame hunter. Terry. travels to Africa with aspirations of calling in a Lion. The ugly side of Africa is accidentally discovered when the crew stumbles upon a poached elephant. Also on the agenda some high paced Plains game hunting.

Mojo Migration “Dogging It in Mexico”

Mojo Migration "Dogging It in Mexico" -- Terry finishes his Mexico predator tour in grad fashion. An unbelievable hunt is topped off with a charging bobcat attacking the new Mojo Triple Threat Calling System. Hunt outfitter Sergio Alcazar seems to have a hot spot for both coyotes and bobcats. Special guest Skip Knowles has quickly become a believer that predator hunting is not just something to do in the off season.

Mojo Migration “Mountain Bird Retreat”

Mojo Migration "Mountain Bird Retreat" -- Terry Denmon breaks from the Louisiana heat to join John Wiles of Best Wingshooting for a tour through Northern Argentinas elite wingshooting locations. Load em up as fast as you can because the action never slows. Incredible lodges wonderful food and elite wingshooting make for an incredible trip.


Mojo Migration "NOTHING EASY ON THE ZAMBEZI" -- High water levels prove to be quite the obstacle as Terry continues his quest at shooting a huge crocodile. Rob finds some success and also finds an unexpected item in the stomach.

Mojo Migration “Miles of Crocodiles”

Mojo Migration "Miles of Crocodiles" -- Terry heads to the dark continent with Crocodiles on the mind. Terry will be equipped with Mojos triple threat calling system and hopes to add a croc to his list of animals he is called to gun range. Along for the adventure is Rob Roberts of Rob Roberts custom gun works.

Mojo Migration “Calling Dangerous Game The Brown Bear”

Mojo Migration "Calling Dangerous Game The Brown Bear" -- Terry heads to Alaska to meet up with the guys of Bushwhack Alaska in hopes of calling in a giant Coastal Brown Bear to gun range. Continuously changing weather conditions make the first day of hunting a challenge but determination and perseverance end up paying dividends.

Mojo Migration “Mikes Last Ride”

Mojo Migration "Mikes Last Ride" -- This week we look back at Mike Morgan’s last adventure to Ranchland Outfitters in Alberta Canada. Mike would frequently compare the trip to the SuperBowl or Daytona 500 and when askedquickly replied that Alberta was his favorite waterfowl destination. His last trip north served as an excellent send off to a true legend of the Outdoor community. A snow and ice covered prairie set the stage for Mike’s Last ride.

Mojo Migration “Sooner Ducks”

Mojo Migration "Sooner Ducks" -- Mike travels to Oklahoma to hunt ducks with Dakota Stowers and Chris Wilson. Bands Widgeon and Mallards make for an incredible hunting experience. It doesn’t take too long for duck hunters to fall in love with Oklahoma and all it offers.

Mojo Migration “Frozen Mallards”

Mojo Migration "Frozen Mallards" -- Mike Morgan is invited by Randy Christianson to join him on all out MidWest Mallard slug fest. Below freezing temps keep the action hot as the crew continues to scratch limits each hunt.

Mojo Migration “Duck Hunters Daydream”

Mojo Migration "Duck Hunters Daydream" -- Terry Denmon heads to the waterfowl friendly country of Argentina for a week of pure duck hunting paradise. Load em up as fast as you can because the action never slows. Mojo’s close friend Ramsey Russell joins in on the action. PART 1

Mojo Migration “Duck Hunting Romanian Style”

Mojo Migration "Duck Hunting Romanian Style" -- Randy Christenson and Kyle Barfield head to Kansas to hunt with Romaninan Dave of Shallow Creek Outfitters. Widgeon and Mallards rush the spread providing a late season hunt for the ages. Also the guys prepare a classic mojo favorite duck recipe.

Mojo Migration “Going Big in Mexico”

Mojo Migration "Going Big in Mexico" -- Terry finishes up this year’s Mexico Wingshooting Swing through Mexico. From Doves to Ducks Steve McCain Jr has it all in huge numbers. It’s no wonder why Wide Open Outfitters is regularly visited by Terry and the Mojo Crew

Mojo Migration “Project Blue Wing”

Mojo Migration "Project Blue Wing" -- Terry and special guest Ramsey Russell breakdown everything about hunting Blue winged Teal. This how to episode will cover everything from habits and habitats to off season maintenance and picking the best spot for a hunt. It is all about the Blue Wing!

Mojo Migration “Wing Shooting Fiesta”

Mojo Migration "Wing Shooting Fiesta" -- Terry returns to one of his favorite places to hunt Wide Open Outfitters in Mexico. First Terry drops in for a white winged Dove hunt and realizes Wide Open is much more than just a premiere duck hunting destination. Then it is time for ducks and as usual the redheads are in full force and high supply. Steve McCain Jr once again shows the Mojo crew a great time in the field while offering a world class lodge and top notch food.

Mojo Migration “Little Duck on the Prairie”

Mojo Migration "Little Duck on the Prairie" -- It’s that time of year again! Blue Wing Teal at Rocky Creek Retrievers with Steve Biggers. Terry and the Mojo Crew travel to El Campo Tx to bust Blue Wings over flooded fields and spinning wing decoys. Along for the action is long time friend, Joe Beal. Also joining in on the hunt is Kyle Wintersteen of Delta Waterfowl.

Mojo Migration “Blue Wing beatdown on the Bayou”

Mojo Migration "Blue Wing beatdown on the Bayou" -- As the days get shorter but the heat holds on, the crew from Mojo Outdoors heads to their duck camp in Louisiana for the opening of Teal season and it looks like a great season coming up.

Mojo Migration “El Campo Extravaganza”

El Campo Extravaganza Mojo Migration Team Mojo heads to ElCampo Texas to meet up with Steve Biggers, owner of Rocky Creek Retrievers for an early-season teal hunt. Joining the team is good friend Joe [...]

Mojo Migration “Blasting through the past”

Blasting through the past Mojo Migration Terry and Mike revisit some of the most memorable duck hunting moments of Mojo TV. Sometimes you just dont know what will happen when you put out your [...]

Mojo Migration “Pandemonium in the Panhandle”

Pandemonium in the Panhandle Mojo Migration Terry heads to Texas for a high volume pigeon hunt with Wayne and John of Avian Expeditions. Fast action and lots of birds creates non stop action in [...]

Mojo Migration “Patos South of the Border”

Patos South of the Border Mojo Migration Terry finishes his annual trip to hunt with Steve McCain at Wide Open Outfitters. Hunting the lagunas and freshwater ponds never seems to get old when Redheads [...]

Mojo Migration “Redhead Madness in Mexico”

Redhead Madness in Mexico Mojo Migration Terry Denmon packs his Mojos and heads South to Mexico to hunt ducks with Wide Open Outfitters. The location features world-class duck hunting, excellent food and a top [...]

Mojo Migration “Waterfowl Extravaganza”

Waterfowl Extravaganza Mojo Migration Mike meets up with Brooks and Neil of Soar No More for a Waterfowl shoot in Idaho. From Mallards and geese in dry fields to diver ducks in the river, [...]

Mojo Migration “Lone Star Ducks”

Lone Star Ducks Mojo Migration One of Mojos favorite destinations is El Campo, Texas home of Rocky Creek Retrievers. Mike Morgan stoops in to see what Steve Biggers has to offer in regular duck [...]

Mojo Migration “Waterfowl Wonderland”

Waterfowl Wonderland Mojo Migration Its that time again. October means its time for Mojos annual trip to Alberta Canada to hunt with Rob Reynolds and Ranchland Outfitters. Once again Rob puts the Mojo Crew [...]

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