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Modern Shooter television brings you to the range, to the station and to the blind to showcase not only the latest in guns, but also some of the cool locations across the country to shoot. Each week, we feature the people and places that make the shooting sports into such a fun activity. Hosts Phil Massaro and Luke Hartle are gun guys, and their passion is to bring the viewer along with them to showcase what’s new and cool in the sport.


Modern Shooter “Long Range School”

Long Range School Modern Shooter Everyone who buys an H&H Precision rifle is invited to a long range school. held over a weekend in Washington state, this is a great time to learn your [...]

Modern Shooter “Sig Sauer Academy”

Sig Sauer Academy Modern Shooter One of the finest training facilities in the country is tucked into eastern New Hampshire. Sig Sauer Academy is the top of the line for shooting instruction. [...]

Modern Shooter “Mill Creek Resort”

Mill Creek Resort Modern Shooter More people are shooting long distance. They need places to shoot those rifles. Mill Creek shooting resort in Colorado is a high-end resort specializing in long range [...]