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Modern Shooter television brings you to the range, to the station and to the blind to showcase not only the latest in guns, but also some of the cool locations across the country to shoot. Each week, we feature the people and places that make the shooting sports into such a fun activity. Hosts Phil Massaro and Luke Hartle are gun guys, and their passion is to bring the viewer along with them to showcase what’s new and cool in the sport.


Modern Shooter “Hidden War”

Hidden War Modern Shooter There is a Hidden War happening across the country, and people like John Nores are trying to stop it.

Modern Shooter “Ready…Set…Action”

Ready...Set...Action Modern Shooter Mark Redl is one of the best in Pistol action competition. Can he take a shooter new to competition and have them improving their time?

Modern Shooter “FTW Ranch”

FTW Ranch Modern Shooter The best place to get ready for a Safari or big game hunt. The FTW in Texas will have you ready to shoot.

Modern Shooter “Double Play!”

Double Play! Modern Shooter Lance McCullers and Jason Castro are Major League Baseball players...but they are pretty good on the range also.

Modern Shooter “NRA Museum”

NRA Museum Modern Shooter One of the coolest places to visit, the NRA Museum is as much a trip through history as it is about fine and interesting guns.

Modern Shooter “Aguila Cup”

Aguila Cup Modern Shooter Where can you shoot Shotgun, Pistol and 3 Gun, against the pros and with your family? Only at the Aguila Cup.

Modern Shooter “Aguila Cup”

Aguila Cup Modern Shooter A one of a kind event that brings Sporting Clays, Rimfire and 3 Gun Competitions all together, all in a family friendly shooting environment.

Modern Shooter “Major League Shooters”

Major League Shooters Modern Shooter Lance McCullers of the Houston Astros and Jason Castro of the Minnesota Twins are Major League Baseball stars. They are also pretty good at the range and are shooting [...]

Modern Shooter “Tactical Athlete”

Tactical Athlete Modern Shooter Minnesota Twins catcher Jason Castro loves to shoot, and he takes what he learns on the line into his real job behind the plate.

Modern Shooter “Turnbull Restoration”

Turnbull Restoration Modern Shooter Any gun guy knows the name, Doug Turnbull. There is simply nobody who does what he does...restore fine firearms to their original finish and condition.

Modern Shooter “H&H Precision”

H&H Precision Modern Shooter H&H Precision rifles are long-range rifles built for accuracy and longevity and even come with a training course in shooting the rifles.

Modern Shooter “Prepare for Safari”

Prepare for Safari Modern Shooter The FTW Ranch in south Texas is set up like no other facility. It has the targets and lifelike scenarios in place that you'll see on a safari to [...]

Modern Shooter “Ready For Anything”

Ready For Anything Modern Shooter If you are a conceal carry holder, Double Eagle Tactical Training in New York will put you in some different scenarios to make you ready if anything goes down. [...]