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Lindner’s Angling Edge, with hosts Al, James and Dan Lindner, along with Jeremy Smith and Dave Csanda, helps you find and catch more and bigger fish. If your favorite fish swims in fresh water, we probably cover it. Our content includes: the hottest new walleye methods to come on the scene; the latest in lures that catch big crappie and bluegill; and, of course, our favorite approaches for catching musky, largemouth bass, pike, and smallmouth, along with the inside track on catfish, whitefish, brown trout and carp.Each episode of Lindner’s Angling Edge provides in-depth angling concepts and the latest techniques. Visit us online at to learn more about our show and our expert staff.


Lindner’s Anglin Edge “Panfish 101”

Panfish 101 Lindner's Anglin Edge Jeremy Smith and Matt Parker go on the prowl for monstrous early-season bluegills and crappies in the transition from deep to shallow.

Lindner’s Anglin Edge “Suspended Musky”

Suspended Musky Lindner's Anglin Edge James Lindner and Josh Borovosky chase mysterious early-season musky, matching the right presentations to suspended, deep-water fish on Minnesota’s Lake Vermilion.

Lindner’s Anglin Edge “Spring Largemouth”

Spring Largemouth Lindner's Anglin Edge Viewers get an up close and personal look at how Al Lindner dissects a new bass lake and his “must-have” tackle picks for transitional, pre-spawn largemouth bass. [...]

Lindner’s Anglin Edge “Ice-Out Lake Trout”

Ice-Out Lake Trout Lindner's Anglin Edge Jeremy Smith and Mike Hehner spill the beans on Northwest Ontario’s awesome ice-out lake trout opportunities, providing tips to start your season off with giant cold-water fish! [...]

Lindner’s Anglin Edge “Toppin’ ‘Gills”

Toppin' 'Gills Lindner's Anglin Edge Dan Lindner, Jeremy Smith, and panfish expert Casey Ehlert combine high-tech electronics and topwater presentations to find and catch trophy-class bluegills.

Lindner’s Anglin Edge “Jerkin’ Smallies”

Jerkin' Smallies Lindner's Anglin Edge Al Lindner and Jeremy Smith take to the Great Plains in search of giant smallmouth bass, demonstrating how a one-two punch of trolling and casting jerk baits can yield [...]

Lindner’s Anglin Edge “Down-Deep ‘Eyes”

Down-Deep 'Eyes Lindner's Anglin Edge James Lindner and Mike Hehner demonstrate tactics for deep-water walleyes, including precise depth-control via lead core and a match-the-hatch crankbait program.