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Every passionate deer hunter wants to know everything they can about whitetails.  Land of Whitetail takes you along on some great hunts, but also wants to teach you about the animal you are chasing. What makes them tick, why you find them in a location, and how their feeding patterns affect your hunting


Land of Whitetail “Ladies, Food and Safety”

Ladies, Food and Safety Land of Whitetail These are the three main ingredients to keeping big bucks on your property. But how do you get all three working? Steve Bartylla has the answers. [...]

Land of Whitetail “The Sandhills”

The Sandhills Land of Whitetail Gordy Krahn is enjoying the sandhills of Nebraska with Goose Creek Outfitters, and he finds the hospitality as awesome as the hunting action.

Land of Whitetail “Feels Like Home”

Feels Like Home Land of Whitetail Dan Schmidt is hunting the Patterson Ranch in Texas, which feels a lot like home after his previous trip there. It doesn't disappoint once again. [...]

Land of Whitetail “Plan for Success”

Plan for Success Land of Whitetail Mark Kayser is in Montana with a deer tag, but can't decide if he should chase whitetails or mule deer. He uses his experience to help with the [...]

Land of Whitetail “Have Patience”

Have Patience Land of Whitetail "Mark Kayser has his Mathews in the treestands of Kansas - home of big wind and big deer. But it's a hunt that will require great patience. [...]

Land of Whitetail “Target That Buck”

Target That Buck Land of Whitetail Can you really target a certain buck, and what about doing it on public land or during the rut? The Land of Whitetail has you covered. [...]

Land of Whitetail “TC in Texas”

TC in Texas Land of Whitetail Dan Schmidt has hunted Texas with his bow and rifle, but now it's time to bring his Thompson Center muzzleloader down.

Land of Whitetail “Bucket List”

Bucket List Land of Whitetail What is on your hunting bucket list. Today, Gordy Krahn gets to take part in his…and it is a rough and tough hunt.

Land of Whitetail “The Season of change”

The Season of change Land of Whitetail You have to be a thinking man, a man of determination and a man with a plan to pull off a successful deer-hunting season. See how DDH [...]

Land of Whitetail “Island Paradise”

Island Paradise Land of Whitetail Well, the Skipper isn't chasing his little buddy around on this Island. More like Deer & Deer Hunting Mark Kayser is chasing whitetails on a small deserted Island. Like [...]

Land of Whitetail “Hunting Open Country”

Hunting Open Country Land of Whitetail Deer & Deer Hunting's Mark Kayser uses his years of hunting open country to sneak in on a big-eared SD Mule Deer. It's not as easy as it [...]

Land of Whitetail “Mother nature”

Mother nature Land of Whitetail You can have the best spot, the best location, the finest gear, and the timing is perfect…but if mother nature does not play along, it's probably not going to [...]

Land of Whitetail “Art of concealment”

Art of concealment Land of Whitetail Hunting open country makes it tough to conceal your movement. We all know that. What about the mountains in Mexico? The meager cover doesn't help you, but the [...]

Land of Whitetail “Keep momma happy”

Keep momma happy Land of Whitetail We all know that when momma is happy everyone is happy. Same thing for whitetails. Keep the does happy and the bucks will follow. Deer & Deer Hunting [...]

Land of Whitetail “Decoy”

Decoy Land of Whitetail Hunting is tuff. We as hunters use every trick we can conjure up to outwit a whitetail. If done correctly, a decoy can be the trickiest of all. Let the [...]

Land of Whitetail “Odor Containment”

Odor Containment Land of Whitetail Let's face it we stink and deer know we stink. So how do you cover that odor? Experts from Deer & Deer Hunting have a few traditional and not [...]

Land of Whitetail “Under Pressure”

Under Pressure Land of Whitetail We have all felt it, pressure! It's how we handle the pressure that separates success from failure. Deer feel the pressure too. So how do deer handle the pressure? [...]

Land of Whitetail “What’s on the menu?”

What's on the menu? Land of Whitetail Deer have a diet that would put Golden Corral out of business. Knowing which food and when deer eat can help you put dinner on your table. [...]

Land of Whitetail “Under Pressure”

Under Pressure Land of Whitetail Pressure is something all of us deal with every day…from your job, your family, everyday life. Pressure is also a very real factor in the deer woods. Is there [...]