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Every passionate deer hunter wants to know everything they can about whitetails.  Land of Whitetail takes you along on some great hunts, but also wants to teach you about the animal you are chasing. What makes them tick, why you find them in a location, and how their feeding patterns affect your hunting


Land of Whitetail “Management Overlooks”

Land of Whitetail "Management Overlooks" -- When managing land for deer there are a lot of factors to keep tabs on, here are a few of themost common items that land managers tend to overlook.

Land of Whitetail “Sluggin’ it Out”

Land of Whitetail "Sluggin' it Out" -- Dan Schmidt visits Steve Bartylla in the Golden Triangle of Illinois and has some Slug gun fun as he helps Steve in his management efforts..

Land of Whitetail “Early Season Magnets”

Early Season Magnets Land of Whitetail Brad Fenson is enjoying one of the ultimate combo hunts - pronghorns and whitetails in the rough country that surrounds Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. [...]

Land of Whitetail “Nebraska Rut Madness”

Nebraska Rut Madness Land of Whitetail Mark Kayser is hunting in Nebraska with his Mossberg and the rut is in full swing. See how he works through adversity to bring down a giant. [...]

Land of Whitetail “Whitetails and Wind”

Whitetails and Wind Land of Whitetail A common myth about big bucks is that they always head for the thickest, nastiest cover when wind speeds exceed seasonal norms. That’s not always true. In fact, [...]

Land of Whitetail “Managing expectations”

Managing expectations Land of Whitetail Unrealistic expectations usually run wild in both hunting and deer management. Although we would all like to see bucks make huge strides in antler development for each year that [...]

Land of Whitetail “Peeling the crimson Velvet”

Peeling the crimson Velvet Land of Whitetail An in-depth look at the biology behind antler velvet in white-tailed deer. How, when, where and why bucks peel in different parts of the country. Insights from [...]

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